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Celebrity Edge Dining has Unique Ambiances and High Quality Ingredients with Ocean Views and More

Celebrity Edge is the newest mega cruise ship to debut from Celebrity Cruises. When it begins sailing in December 2018, it is set to revolutionize the cruise industry and the way people think of cruising. One way it will do this is through its culinary scene on board. The eateries and cuisine on Celebrity Edge are cutting edge and feature high-caliber ingredients and dining settings that are beautiful, exciting, and even awe-inspiring.

If you live on the west coast, you probably already have an affinity for trying new foods and high-quality cuisine. Here are some of the reasons you’ll love the culinary scene on Celebrity Edge as a west coast resident.

Theatrical Entertainment While Dining on Celebrity Edge

The west coast is home to Hollywood, after all, and many of its residents love a good performance, which Celebrity Edge delivers on.

At the specialty restaurant, Eden, your meal will fuse delicious and inventive cuisine with theatrical performances by the “Edenists” who will delight you with acrobatics and dance while also serving you your courses. The food itself is wildly creative due to the ingredients that are used together and the manner in which it is presented to you; think dry ice and flowering desserts.

If you also love some creative animation entertainment, look no further than the Le Petit Chef experience at Le Grand Bistro on board Celebrity Edge. It’s an interactive way to dine that you won’t forget. Your meal is accompanied by an animated chef who will appear next to your plate and will entertain you with a demonstration of how each dish is prepared before it is served to you.

Ocean Views for Days + Al Fresco Dining

You’ll have ocean views for days on Celebrity Edge….literally, since you’ll be on a 7+ night cruise sailing on a ship designed to blur the edges of where indoor and outdoor spaces meet. This design provides ocean views from practically every area of the ship, including the dining areas.

Eden stands out for this due to its panel of windows that is three stories high. In addition to the evening dining experience, Eden is open for breakfast thanks to Eden Café, which has both indoor and outdoor seating.

For more stellar views, head to Oceanview Café. As its name suggests, you’ll dine on signature favorites while enjoying incredible views. Oceanview Café has floor to ceiling windows that span two stories.

If you’re in the mood for some burgers and sandwiches, head to Mast Grill by the pool, which has al fresco ocean views.

For an al fresco experience like no other, dine on Celebrity Edge’s Magic Carpet, a first at sea. The Magic Carpet is a cantilevered platform on the side of the ship that moves up and down throughout the day. During the day, it serves as a lounge for passengers waiting to disembark for shore excursions. In the evening it turns into a unique restaurant where you can literally dine over the ocean.

These are just some of the oceanview eateries on board, but pretty much wherever you eat on Celebrity Edge, you’ll get views of the sea and passing scenery.

Experience New Local Cuisine on a Celebrity Edge Vacation

Celebrity Cruises aims to open your mind and taste buds to new experiences around the world. This is accomplished by offering menu items on board that are influenced by the destinations you’ll be visiting on your cruise itinerary.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to try new, local flavors in port. Celebrity Edge will be offering both Caribbean cruise and Mediterranean cruise itineraries during its inaugural season.

More Dining Room Choices on Celebrity Edge

One of the benefits of living on the west coast are the incredible number of high-quality, non-chain eateries residents can dine at, from burger joints to fine dining establishments awarded multiple Michelin stars.

If you enjoy having so many options for where to eat, then you’ll love Celebrity Edge’s new approach to its Main Dining Room. Unlike most cruise ships that offer one Main Dining Room, Celebrity Edge will have four. Each restaurant will be a different theme of cuisine:

  • Cosmopolitan Restaurant: Will serve new American cuisine with global influences in a trendy setting centered around a wine display reminiscent of the Main Dining Room on Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice-class of ships.
  • Cyprus Restaurant: This bright and soothingly decorated restaurant serves Greek and other Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with a focus on seafood and clean eating.
  • Normandie Restaurat: Enjoy French cuisine in this sumptuously designed dining room that will remind passengers of Paris and seasoned Celebrity Cruises guests of the specialty restaurant, Murano.
  • Tuscan Restaurant: This sleekly designed restaurant will remind past Celebrity Cruises’ passengers of the specialty restaurant Tuscan Grille, since it serves up hearty Italian cuisine with homemade pasta.

Before your cruise, you can choose which restaurant you’d like to be your main dining room, where you’ll have a dedicated seating time and wait staff each night. However, you can switch to one of the other three main dining rooms whenever you wish for no additional charge. It’s like four specialty restaurants built into one with no additional fee to enjoy them!

Speaking of specialty restaurants, though, there is a reason they are worth an extra fee and that most diners enjoy at least a night or two of specialty dining on their cruise, and that is because the specialty restaurants on board Celebrity Cruises are a high caliber dining experience that is a fraction of the price of what a similar dining experience on land would cost.

Celebrity Edge will have Eden, which will be a must-do experience for passengers, and also other beloved Celebrity Cruises specialty restaurants like the aforementioned Eden and Magic Carpet, as well as Fine Cut Steakhouse for choice cuts of meat and Raw on 5 for sushi, oysters, and other raw delicacies.

Ready to experience the cuisine and dining experiences of Celebrity Edge for yourself? Bookings are open for this one-of-a-kind cruise ship and you won’t want to miss the chance to sail on it during its inaugural season. Book early to get your first choice of accommodations on Celebrity Edge, like the innovative Infinite Veranda Stateroom or the luxurious Edge Villa that features loft-style living and its own plunge pool.

To book your vacation on Celebrity Edge, visit Celebrity Cruises or speak with your travel agent.

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