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JUNE 11, 2015

Eat it Here, Then Eat it There…

If you enjoy thinking outside of the box when it comes to your dining experiences, you don’t have to search too far in Orange County to find a unique, unconventional restaurant. From eating chicken drumsticks in a stadium while watching knights and horses spar in an arena at Medieval Times in Buena Park, to the line dancing adjacent fun of the Ranch Restaurant and Saloon in Anaheim,  you’ll have a fun, memorable time eating at OC’s unconventional restaurants. So why not take it one step further and have a unique dining experience at sea while cruising to exotic destinations?

Qsine Restaurant onboard Celebrity Cruises is truly unique – you won’t find anything quite like it on land or at sea. The menu and ambiance of Qsine was created by a James Beard featured Master Chef and it is a meal you won’t soon forget.

Your dining experience at Qsine begins with an iPad. That’s right – you’ll have your own personal iPad to use during the meal to swipe and slide your way to figuring out what you want to order.

When it comes to ordering at Qsine, keep an open mind. You may see items that you haven’t heard of before or see food pairings you never would have thought had any business being served together. You’ll soon find that your taste buds beg to differ. With inventive twists on favorite recipes and experimentation with different textures, the food you eat at Qsine is likely to be a fun surprise.

The presentation is also likely to get a surprised smile from you. Qsine doesn’t just stick to bowls and plates. Your meal might come out looking something like this:

The smaller portions of each dish at Qsine also means you get to try a wide range of tastes. It’s sure to be an adventure for your senses.

Qsine is onboard the following ships: Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Millennium, Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Silhouette, and Celebrity Summit. To book a cruise on one of these cruise ships, contact your local travel agent or visit Celebrity Cruises.

Back on land, you can find more unique Orange County restaurants by attending the Golden Foodies in September. For tickets to this exclusive event, click here.

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