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Last Minute Travelers Can Find Excellent Late Cruise Deals

If you have a flexible schedule, waiting until the last minute to book your vacation so you can find late cruise deals can be an exciting and budget-friendly way to see the world.

You might think you’re booking too late for popular cruises, but here are some tips to help you manage expectations and find the perfect last minute cruise deal.

Be Flexible for Late Cruise Deals

When looking for a late cruise deal, keep in mind that you’ll probably need to be flexible with your stateroom location on the ship. Prime spots for each category tend to sell out quickly, so if you book last minute you might have to walk further to get to the elevator or you may not be on your preferred deck level.

You might also get lucky when booking late and score a sale on your perfect itinerary on the embarkation date you want, but your favorite category of stateroom is completely sold out.

It’s often common for interior staterooms to sell out quickly since budget seekers who didn’t book last minute will grab those up first. In that case use your saving to justify that higher category stateroom.

Also, there's an added bonus if you book an ocean view stateroom category or higher with Celebrity Cruises since Celebrity often has “pick your perk” cruise deals going on that let you give your cruise the feeling of an all-inclusive style vacation by adding one of the perks. This is especially the case if you pick the Classic Beverage Package perk (which includes alcoholic drinks). The other perks you can choose from are Unlimited Wi-Fi, $150 Onboard Credit, and Prepaid Gratuities.

Interior staterooms aren’t the only ones that can sell out quickly before late cruise deals arise for last minute bookers. It really depends on the itinerary. For an Alaska cruise, you might find that interior staterooms are available, but the coveted veranda staterooms are sold out for your preferred itinerary. This is because people who cruise to Alaska want to have a private balcony to maximize their time of seeing the wondrous views your cruise ship will pass by.

The Alaska cruise season runs from May through September, which also happens to coincide with the Summer Solstice and longer daylight hours throughout the season since Alaska is so far north. This also makes a veranda stateroom more valuable since you can step out onto your veranda at 10pm or even 11pm before going to bed and still be able to see the sights of Alaska awash in peaceful dim lighting. To help ensure you can travel to Alaska last minute in a veranda stateroom, be flexible with your dates and embarkation ports.

Work a Late Cruise Deal Around Your Work Schedule

If you need to ask for time off farther in advance than a late cruise deal booking usually allows, try discussing with your boss that you’d like to take your vacation sometime in a certain month and still need to narrow down dates. If your management team knows that you are going to be gone around that time, they can still plan for it and make arrangements as necessary to cover your work while you’re gone, but hopefully gives you some extra time to wait for that perfect last minute cruise deal to come up.

If you do have your heart set on a particular itinerary and embarkation date, don’t wait too long to book in the hopes the price will go down to a last minute cruise deal. If you book too late and the cruise is a popular one you might actually find the price gets higher as lower categories all sell out, or demand is high enough for that itinerary that the pricing doesn’t need to be lowered.

How to Make Sure You Don't Miss Late Cruise Deals

Another way to find a late cruise deal shortly before a cruise embarks is to join the mailing list of the cruise line. Celebrity Cruises sends out weekly deals that often include last minute sailings. If your schedule is flexible, this makes it easy to keep an eye out for any last minute cruises being advertised and you can then book it before it sells out.

Continually checking the destination page for the itinerary you’ve got your eye on also helps you spot any deals that come up. Celebrity Cruises makes it easy for you to do so thanks to its cruise finder functionality, which lets you put in just the month you want to travel and then it will bring up all the available sailings around the world that are leaving that month. You can also filter it down to itineraries for a specific destination sailing that month.

Another filter option is to choose a departure port. This is a particularly helpful one if you live within driving distance of a cruise port and are hoping to book a late cruise deal that leaves from there so you don’t have to worry about last minute airfare.

Tips for Last Minute Airfare to Your Cruise

If you do book a cruise and need airfare, don’t waste valuable time trying to figure out the lowest pricing for that last minute airfare. Simply use Flights by Celebrity, which helps you find the ideal flight for your cruise’s embarkation and disembarkation days without worrying about overpaying thanks to the Lowest Airfare Guarantee you get through Flights by Celebrity.

In addition to that guarantee you also get peace of mid since Flights by Celebrity has a dedicated team of specialists who will work on your behalf in the event of a flight interruption so you can get onto the next available flight and still make your cruise on time.

Search for Late Cruise Deals Today

You’ve spent all that time waiting for a last minute cruise deal so make sure booking your vacation is quick and simple. To make that process easier for you, Celebrity Cruises has its #BookItList booking platform, which lets you easily book your cruise accommodation, flight, and even activities both on board and on shore all in one convenient place.

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