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Did you know Celebrity Cruises has a dedicated team of attendants, concierges, and butlers on board its ships? When you book The Retreat experience, you’ll have the services of a Retreat Butler and team who will act as your concierge for the length of your cruise.

Contrary to the movie version of a stiff-backed gent of old times, you’ll find our Retreat Butler and team are welcoming and friendly, male and female, from all across the globe.

Read on to find out how this unique service can further your enjoyment of an already luxurious cruise vacation.

1: Leave the Unpacking to Us

As soon as you arrive onboard, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the luxurious cruising experience The Retreat offers without worrying about heading to your suite to unpack. The Retreat Team will have everything in your suitcase put away while you enjoy a drink at the exclusive lounge or get acquainted with the ship.

You won’t even have to give a thought to your suitcases, neatly tucked away, until you debark from the ship. We will also pack for you at the end of your cruise.

2: Our Retreat Butler and Team Will Arrange Your Suite to Feel Like Home

cruise butler making the bed

We will make sure you feel right at home in your suite from the moment you arrive. First, by ensuring it’s 100% to your satisfaction from the first minute to last. Then, by personalizing your home at sea, arranging things just the way you like them, and making sure they’re always perfect.

3: We Will Make Reservations for You

Men ordering food at a restaurant

Whether you want to reserve a table at Luminae, the private restaurant exclusively for Retreat guests, or wish to dine in your suite, your Retreat Butler and team will act as your personal reservationist throughout your cruise.

When dining in your suite, we’ll set the table, serve the meal course by course, then clean up afterward, while you enjoy a freshly made coffee or a glass of wine while gazing at the stars from your veranda.

We  will also book dining times at the other onboard specialty restaurants, as well as make appointments for spa treatments, fitness classes, and onboard special events such as cooking classes or lectures. We can also work with the onboard shore excursions team to arrange for Private Journeys excursions or Discovery Tours, or any other in-port sightseeing you might desire.

4: Our Retreat Butler and Team Will Pamper You 24/7

Couple inside a huge bathroom on a cruise

Need a soothing warm bath after a long day of sightseeing or a strenuous fitness workout? Just ask us, and we’ll be happy to draw a bath, lay out premium robe and slippers, and turn down your bed for a short, refreshing nap.

Our dedicated team of attendants, concierges, and butlers execute with excellence, so getting shoes shined, shirts pressed, hems stitched up, or buttons replaced is no problem. They are well-connected members of our exceptionally dedicated staff of attendants and know who to call for exactly what needs to be done.

This service includes delivering coffee, afternoon savories, and evening espresso, as you wish, every day of your cruise.

5: Our Dedicated Team of Attendants, Concierges, and Butlers Help You Entertain or Be Entertained

Family playing cards on the floor

Inviting guests to join you for cocktails? Want to host a get-together to celebrate a birthday or make your anniversary cruise extra special? The services of a trained Retreat Butler and team for these special occasions are invaluable. We can provide advice on what to serve and arrange every detail, from canapes and cocktails to flowers and music, even rearrange the suite to host your guests.

Need in-suite entertainment if you’re cruising with kids? You can have board games, books, or movies delivered to the suite for their entertainment and yours.

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Book The Retreat Experience

Can’t wait to book The Retreat experience for your upcoming cruise vacation? Browse Celebrity Cruises’ collection of suites and book your cruise online, or call one of our vacation specialists.

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