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On your next cruise, what could be better than a digital guidebook in your pocket with endless possibilities to make memories on board and in port even better?

With intuitive features like early check-in, time-saving safety drills, and comprehensive pre-cruise planning, the Celebrity Cruises mobile app is designed to make your vacation smarter and more luxurious before you even step on board.

Here are 11 ways to enhance your cruise experience with the Celebrity Cruises app.

1: Make Check-In a Breeze

Couple going out of cruise ship

With the app, you check in when it’s convenient for you—whether that’s 90 days before your cruise or the day before you sail. Check in using the app is available until 8:30 am the day of your sailing. Simply sign into your account, select your sailing, and press “check in.”

Once you’ve checked in, you’ll also have automatic access to your Xpress Pass. We’ll  send you convenient email reminders and app notifications for important steps to take along the way.

Celebrity Cruises app

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You can qualify for Expedited Arrival by checking in on the app, uploading your security photo, and scanning your passport. Plus, if one person in your party has Expedited Arrival, everyone on your reservation will be included.

Couple hanging out over cocktails by the pool

The Retreat

Guests are encouraged to check in at least 24 hours before sailing. Completing the health questionnaire will further simplify your arrival at the terminal. Once you are cleared for sailing there, you’ll be on board and headed to the pool or to your stateroom in just a few minutes. You’ll have your deck, stateroom, and reservation number right away, so you can skip the logistics and dive straight into vacation mode.

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2: Pre-Plan Your Adventures

Woman at the spa reception

A few weeks before your cruise, you’ll notice that the app starts will populate more activities, things to do, and shore excursions. You can take advantage of the Daily Planner to start planning that spa appointment or review group fitness classes. Reserve any of the activities you reviewed before sailing, like a thrilling shore excursion or a tour in port. Add activities to your calendar as a reminder and save your favorites.

Once your cruise has started, you’ll see events load in real-time, like the evening’s entertainment in The Theatre or what’s going on in Eden on Celebrity Edge. Use the calendar app to easily keep track of the day’s activities and other things to do on a cruise.

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3: Virtual Safety Drill with Muster 2.0™

We’ve replaced the traditional safety drill at the beginning of your cruise voyage with new technology to help you stay informed without leaving your stateroom. The mandatory safety drill used to gather every guest on the cruise together for a review of what to expect in an emergency situation, how to use a life jacket, and much more.

Now, let Muster 2.0 ™ show you the drill on your mobile device or interactive stateroom TV thanks to innovative eMuster™ technology. You’ll be able to review safety protocol prior to sailing, so you can spend every precious moment of your vacation in the moment.

4: Learn Your Ship from Bow to Stern

View from The Retreat Lounge

The Retreat Lounge

The app includes a detailed map of each deck of your ship, helping you find your way aft and starboard, elevator locations, staircases, and relaxing hideaways you might not have known were there. Whether you’re scoping out the directions to the gym or spa, or you’re looking for a private getaway, these complete deck plans make navigating the ship easy.

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Explore from your phone in the Daily Planner feature, which describes each activity and conveniently provides its deck and location. A ship icon will display above each activity category so you can easily orient yourself no matter where you are.

5: Track Your Onboard Expenses

With the Celebrity Cruises app, you’ll be able to keep track of your expenses with the onboard expenses tracker. Your account will update daily to reflect your balance and latest charges. Enjoy the peace of mind this feature provides, as you’ll have access to your expenses right at your fingertips.

6: Unlock Your Room the Smart Way

Luxurious interior of Celebrity Edge Villa

Celebrity Edge Villa

We created a convenient digital key via the Celebrity Cruises app designed for the modern traveler. Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed in to your account, you can unlock your stateroom or suite with an easy swipe of your smartphone. For now, this smart unlock feature is available onboard Edge-series ships, Celebrity Constellation, and our revolutionized ships.

Phone, keys, wallet? Check, check, and check thanks to the app’s digital key and expense tracking features.

7: Control Your Stateroom on Edge-Series Ships

Couple relaxing inside Celebrity stateroom


Staterooms on our Edge-series ships can be controlled with the touch of a button within the app. Looking forward to retreating to a cool stateroom after suntanning at the pool? Turn down the temperature in your room with your mobile device from the pool deck, and your room will be cooling down before you get there.

Turn the TV on or off without reaching for a remote. Program your lighting just the way you like it, setting your lights to dim or turn off before you sleep, or adjust the blinds for the perfect afternoon nap on vacation.

8: Make Dinner Reservations at Specialty Restaurants

People hanging out at Eden on Celebrity


Skip making a reservation on the phone or in person and start making your lunch or dinner plans with ease on the app. Explore Celebrity Cruises’ dining options, view the tantalizing menus, and sign up for your dining time at any of our world-class specialty restaurants.

Craving sushi at Raw on 5 or expertly executed dishes at Eden? We’ve got you covered. Choose from dozens of eateries, bars, and one-of-a-kind venues modeled after the incredible destinations we sail to. The app makes cruise planning—both on board and off—a breeze.

9: Discover New Venues and Nightlife

People hanging out at Martini Bar on Celebrity

Martini Bar

Planning your onboard bar-hopping adventure with the app’s ship map, which has helpful descriptions of onboard bars and lounges where you can imbibe and enjoy the atmosphere.

Sip a martini as live music plays in the Grand Plaza, then use the app to choose the perfect spot for a nightcap. Favorite the events you’re interested in on your personal calendar, so you don’t miss out on a single outing.  Need a suggestion? The app conveniently lists nearby bars and restaurants.

You can become a regular at one of the onboard bars, or try a new spot every evening to explore your cruise nightlife options.

10: Reserve Exclusive Shore Excursions With the Touch of a Button

Couple on a glacier in Denali

Denali, Alaska

Want to swim with dolphins or kayak through a mangrove forest on your vacation? Maybe you and the family are more interested in getting up close to one of Alaska’s glaciers, or zip-lining through a tropical rainforest together?

Shore excursions are tailored to every traveler’s preferred speed, whether you’re a beach bum or a thrill-chaser. Customize your vacation with unique shore excursions that show you the best of the destinations you’re visiting.

As your sailing draws closer, you’ll want to have your shore excursions picked out. You can start booking your excursions and making reservations once you’re on board.

Reserve small group discoveries or a luxurious catamaran and snorkeling adventure. Foodies can embark on food tours with a Celebrity chef, or live like a local while browsing a farmers’ market in port for artisanal goods and authentic souvenirs to bring back home.

Plus, once you’ve reserved a shore excursion, it’ll even show up in your Daily Planner so you won’t miss a beat.

11: Stay in Contact with Your Travel Partners

People hanging out on Celebrity Cruises deck

One of the best parts about a cruise vacation is the new friends you make along the way, whether you strike up a conversation at dinner or get to know each other on an excursion during a day in port.

It can be tricky to stay connected, especially if you’re relying on conventional phone service in international waters. The in-app chat features allow you to connect with fellow travelers any time you’re connected to the ship’s Wi-Fi, making it easy to stay in touch.

People eating dinner in Murano


Make plans to meet up at the pool or to try the best food on a cruise at a specialty restaurant. If you and your family are scattered across the ship on various activities, use the messaging feature to plan a meeting place for later in the day.

Embark on a smarter vacation and enjoy every moment on board. Download the app and start planning your adventures today.

Free Vacation Planning Services

Free Vacation Planning Services