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Thanksgiving Cruises from Florida Provide Rest and Reconnection for the Whole Family

If you're one of the many Americans who get extra days off around the Thanksgiving holiday, put those days to good use -- and no, we don't mean shopping (unless it's a Caribbean market). Instead, this year treat yourself to one of the blissful Thanksgiving cruises from Florida that we offer. Not only are they easy to get to and relaxing to go on, cruises are a great way for families to spend the Thanksgiving holiday reconnecting and forming a tighter bond. At the end of your Thanksgiving cruise, you'll feel grateful you got the chance to get away from the often demanding to-do list of a holiday at home and let Celebrity Cruises take care of your Thanksgiving prep this year.

Airfare Options for Thanksgiving Cruises from Florida

Thanksgiving Cruises from Florida depart from Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Both cities are located along the southeast coast of Florida and both have an international airport, providing travelers with two different options for finding affordable airfare from their home airport. Though you'll likely prefer to fly into the airport from the city where you cruise departs, the two cities are only 45 minutes apart (depending on traffic) meaning you can fly into Miami if it's cheaper, spend a day or two exploring there, and then head to Fort Lauderdale for your cruise -- or vice versa.

If trying to find the best flight price seems a bit overwhelming, let Celebrity Cruises help thanks to Flights By Celebrity, which lets you book your airfare at the same time you book your cruise and has lots of extra benefits, including Lowest Airfare Guarantee. Plus, you'll have the extra protection for your family's Thanksgiving cruise from Florida since Flights by Celebrity gives you access to a dedicated team of Flight Specialists who are available 24 hours a day to help you with any flight interruptions or cancellations. They will work on your behalf to get you onto the next available flight and to your cruise ship on time before it embarks.

This is especially important over the Thanksgiving holiday, which is the busiest air travel time of the year in the United States. That it also coincides with the start of winter and icy weather means delays are often inevitable and if the delays hit your airport, you'll be glad you have extra help so you don't have to spend delays standing in customer service lines and stressing about when you're going to get on another flight.

In addition to price and protection, Flights by Celebrity has the added convenience of letting you pick the airline you want to travel on so you can use or accumulate points for any airline frequent flier programs you're part of --- if flying with the whole family that can amount to a lot of points, so it's a huge perk to be able to use the convenience of Flights by Celebrity while still being able to fly on your preferred airline.

Itinerary Options for Thanksgiving Cruises from Florida

Thanksgiving cruises from Florida have several different itinerary options you can choose from.

Get away for the whole week on a 7- to 9-night cruise that visits the wonders of the Eastern Caribbean or Southern Caribbean. The eastern Caribbean is known for its lushly green scenery, bustling port towns, and excellent duty-free shopping. The southern Caribbean is famous for its laidback beaches and peaceful nature.

Ports of call you might visit on eastern Caribbean Thanksgiving cruises from Florida include San Juan, Puerto Rico; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

A southern Caribbean cruise may include ports of call to the sundrenched ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, as well as St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Barbados, Antigua, and Grenada.

Thanksgiving cruises from Florida may visit the nearby Bahamas at the start or end of the cruise itinerary, too. The Bahamas are located less than 200 miles southeast of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, which makes it a popular Thanksgiving cruise destination. Bahamas cruises often offer shorter itineraries, which provide travelers with options for Thanksgiving cruises from Florida even if short on time. This is especially helpful to families who have kids in school districts that only get a couple days off for Thanksgiving break and not the whole week as then they won't have to miss as many school days, or possibly none at all.

One other thing to pay attention to when choosing an itinerary for a Thanksgiving cruise from Florida is what you'll be doing on the actual day of Thanksgiving. Most itineraries have a day at sea, but some have a cruise port of call. If it makes a difference to you whether you're on the ship or in port on Thanksgiving Day, be sure to check the timeline for the actual holiday.

Once you're on the ship, the Thanksgiving fun really begins. Kids and teenagers can have a blast in the onboard Kids Club, which will have Thanksgiving-themed arts and crafts and other activities on cruises sailing over the holiday. Adults can head to the spa or Martini Bar to relax and revel in the fact that you're not spending this Thanksgiving basting a turkey or scrubbing dishes.

When it comes to cuisine, you get to skip all the prep work that typically goes along with having a Thanksgiving feast and instead just show up to the elegant, white tablecloth dining room and be served a delicious turkey dinner. The menu on Thanksgiving will have traditional Thanksgiving favorites like turkey, stuffing, cranberry, and pumpkin pie.

Easily Book Thanksgiving Cruises from Florida

Ready to book a Thanksgiving cruise from Florida that the whole family will enjoy? We can help you find the perfect itinerary and then easily reserve your stateroom, airfare, and even shore excursions all in the same convenient place.

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