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How long is your bucket list? If you’re like most travel lovers, it’s about a mile long…and covers many miles all around the world! That’s why at Celebrity Cruises we want you to turn your bucket list into a #BookItList and start planning those bucket list vacations and making them happen. One thing that’s neat about a cruise is that it gives you the opportunity to check multiple items off your bucket list all in a single one- or two-week vacation.

Mediterranean Bucket List Cruise
Country hopping is blissfully easy on a cruise, and this becomes abundantly apparent on a European cruise along the Mediterranean Sea. You unpack once and then sail in luxury as each night you head to a new destination and wake up in a pretty port. Here are five popular Mediterranean bucket list destinations you can do on a cruise:

  1. Sunset in Santorini Greece
  2. Colosseum in Rome, Italy
  3. Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy
  4. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain
  5. Acropolis in Athens, Greece

And now here are some itineraries that visit more than one of those places in a single journey (along with several other popular European ports).

12-Night Italy and Greek Isles Cruise on Celebrity Eclipse: Sails round-trip from Barcelona and has ports of call in Santorini and Athens.

10-Night Italy, Spain, and Monaco Cruise on Celebrity Edge: Sails round-trip from Rome (Civitavecchia) and visits Barcelona and Pisa.

7-Night Greek Isles Cruise on Celebrity Constellation: Sails from Venice (another popular bucket list destination) and ends in Rome with stops in Santorini along the way.

Find your dream Mediterranean cruise itinerary by browsing European sailings.

United States Bucket List Cruise
You don’t have to travel far to tick off some of your bucket list items. Pacific Coastal and Alaska cruises make it easy to see some of the United State’s most iconic sights. Here are five spots we think should be on your bucket list:

  1. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California
  2. Glaciers of Alaska
  3. Hollywood in Los Angeles, California
  4. Wine Tasting in Napa, California
  5. Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

Now here are some cruises that visit more than one of those places in a single vacation as your ship travels along the Pacific coast visiting several ports of call.

7-Night Pacific Coastal Cruise on Celebrity Eclipse: You’ll travel down the coast from Vancouver to Los Angeles with a stop in San Francisco along the way during which you can drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and visit Napa.

7-Night Tracy Arm Fjord Cruise on Celebrity Solstice: Sail from Seattle to gorgeous Alaska with a journey along Tracy Arm Fjord to see the majestic Sawyer Glacier.

See more Alaska sailings that depart from the Seattle port.

Discover additional Pacific Coastal itineraries.

South America Bucket List Cruise
There are some creative itineraries for South America so Celebrity Cruises can get you to multiple bucket list destinations, such as these:

  1. Panama Canal
  2. Beaches of Costa Rica
  3. Machu Picchu in Peru
  4. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

South America cruises cover some iconic sites that are best seen by cruise. In some cases, such as the Galapagos, a water vessel is the only way to explore, and the Panama Canal is best experienced via ship compared to just watching from the sidelines on land. Then there’s Machu Picchu, a must-see, but that is quite inland. Don’t worry – Celebrity Cruises has a solution for that.

This 15-night Innr Loop Cruise with Machu Picchu, Peru itinerary combines sea and land for a breathtaking cruise around the Galapagos Islands followed by an escorted land tour to the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and the city of Cuzco in Peru – all easily arranged by Celebrity Cruises so you have a stress-free, luxurious vacation.

Celebrity Cruises’ Panama Canal cruise itineraries sail through the Panama Canal so you can experience how the engineering masterpiece works right from the deck of the ship. Many Panama Canal itineraries also stop in Puntarenas, Costa Rica (along with other ports of call in Central America and Mexico).

Asia Bucket List Cruise
Asia is home to many popular bucket list destinations, but for many people it can seem like a daunting destination to navigate on your own due to the size, possible language barrier, and figuring out the best tour guides so you can learn as much as you can about what you’re seeing while there. Celebrity Cruises makes it easy with meticulously planned itineraries that sail to some of the top destinations in Asia with in-depth shore excursions available while you’re in port.

Here are five places you don’t want to miss seeing in Asia:

  1. Halong Bay, Vietnam
  2. Palace and Green Buddha in Bangkok
  3. Gardens by the Bay in Singapore
  4. Great Wall of China
  5. Mt Fuji, Japan

And now here are two cruise itineraries that visit more than one of those bucket list destinations:

14-Night Southeast Asia Cruise on Celebrity Millennium: Check off Gardens by the Bay and Bangkok’s top sites on this extensive cruise that sails from Singapore to Hong Kong.

14-Night China, South Korea, and Japan Cruise on Celebrity Millennium: This cruise sails from Shanghai, China, to Tokyo, Japan, and along the way stops in port near Mt Fuji and has two overnights in Beijing giving you time to visit the Great Wall of China on an excursion.

Discover more bucket list Asia cruise itineraries.

Of course, these aren’t the only bucket list cruises you can do; they’re just a small sampling of some popular bucket list items. From the Caribbean to Iceland to Dubai and beyond, Celebrity Cruises sails to a multitude of destinations so you can check off whatever is on your bucket list.

To make it easier for you to do so, use Celebrity Cruises’ #BookItList platform and book your cruise, flight, and shore excursions all in one place. Start planning your bucket list cruise and browse our cruise ship deals today!

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