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Sète, France

On your voyage through the Mediterranean, you'll discover that Sète is a real catch! A port alive with the sights and sounds of the largest fishing fleet on France's southern coast offers up a true Mediterranean experience untouched by large commercial developments. Climb Mont St-Clair for sweeping panoramic views of Thau Lagoon or wind your way through a network of canals that will make you swear you might be in Venice. Sète sits on the Mediterranean terminus of the ambitious Canal du Midi, a pathway built in the late 1600s that allowed boat travel between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The Old Port, with its canals and bridges, is about as unique as anywhere you could travel in France. If you want to go museum-hopping on your Sète cruise, visit the Museé Paul Valéry which was dedicated to the poet, essayist, and philosopher of its namesake. This fascinating place encompasses everything from the city’s history to fine art and includes all the results of the area’s traditional water jousting events since 1666. Resting on a cliff top overlooking the blue waters of the bay is the Cimetière Marin, the site where Valéry is interred and a place with its own sullen beauty. After you’ve built up an appetite getting to know Sète, indulge in the excellent seafood of which the city is famous for due to it being the home port of the largest working fishing fleet anywhere on France’s Mediterranean coast.

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