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To experience Alaska to its fullest, discover its interior, where communities remain intimately connected to the land, where wild animals roam free as they have for thousands of years. On an Alaska cruise, you’ll journey along the state’s southeastern coastline, experiencing the beauty of glaciers, nature’s ever-changing and fragile masterpieces. With a Celebrity Cruisetour, you’ll discover and explore so much more. On the Kenai Peninsula, glacier-covered mountains descend steeply into bays abundant with marine life. Journey north to Denali National Park, where a single road crosses this vast untouched wilderness of tundra and taiga forests that are home to a stunning array of wildlife and North America’s tallest peak. With a Celebrity Cruisetour, you’ll enjoy the best of Alaska, by combining a seven-night sailing with a tour into the state’s magnificent inland destinations. Stay in the finest available lodges and travel on remote roads and railways in the comfort of deluxe transportation. All guided by local Alaskan Tour Directors, who are passionate about sharing their Alaska with you. Every aspect of your journey has been carefully curated to deliver the Last Frontier — on your terms.

Alaska Cruisetours

Emerald forests. Icebergs. Soaring eagles. Majestic whales. And that's just what you'll see from your ship.



Canadian Cruisetours

Experience the natural wonders of Canadian Rockies with our 12 & 13-night Cruisetours.



Top Destinations

Denali, Alaska

With few established trails and only one road, Denali National Park remains one of the world’s last true wilderness areas.

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Alyeska (Girdwood), Alaska

This once-thriving mining town is now a favorite among hikers and nature watchers.

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Begin by logging in to My Celebrity at the top of this website. The Online Check-In process for all guests in your reservation needs to be completed at least three days prior to your sail date.

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