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Typical Galicia Cellars Tour

Learn about the prized wines from Albariño and tour a prestigious winery. Head to this legendary growing region and visit the charming town regarded as the capital of Albariño wine.


◦ Tour one of Spain’s most renowned wine regions, home to 21 wineries producing from the legendary Albariño grape.


◦ Visit the village of Cambados, where narrow streets are graced with stately manors and classic homes.


◦ Explore the wine cellars of the Agro de Bazan Winery and sample their D.O. designated vintages.


Duration: 5 hours

Vigo Sightseeing and Bayona

Travel along the Galician coastline to discover the active port of Vigo and the charming fishing village of Bayona.


◦ View the ruins of the 10th century O Penso Castle, used to construct the 17th-century Fortaleza del Castro.


◦ Visit Bayona to discover the port where Columbus' famous "Pinta" ship returned from its New World voyages.

◦ See the 13th century Romanesque Collegiate Church, the Monterreal Palace, and the remains of Bayona's 16th century ramparts.


Duration: 4 hours

Panoramic Galicia

For those who truly wish to unwind, a visit to one of Spain’s favorite thermal resorts is just what the doctor ordered. Once you arrive, you’ll experience pure bliss compliments of nature’s own healing powers. Sample local delicacies and wines. Treat yourself to local bath products and much more.


◦ Begin with a relaxing drive along the Galician coast and past picturesque villages to the island of La Toja.

◦ Experience the relaxing and rejuvenating powers of Spain’s most renowned thermal resort.

◦ Enjoy 45 minutes of free time to browse the shops for souvenirs.


Duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Discover the Ecopista Cycling Route

For this biking adventure, you’ll leave the ship from the port in Vigo, Spain, then head off to discover the culture and landscape of neighboring Portugal, right across the Minho River, which separates the two countries. Your tour will ride along the Ecopista do Rio Minho, the first green biking trail of Portugal, adapted from an obsolete railroad connecting the towns of Valença do Minho and Monçao.

◦ Experience beautiful bucolic scenery and grand river vistas down the Ecopista do Minho in northern Portugal, just a short drive from your port of arrival.

◦ Visit two countries in one port stop, driving from the city of Vigo, Spain to your biking tour departure point in Portugal.


Duration: 4 hours

Kayaking in Vigo

Paddle down Spain's Minho River on a two-person kayak and take in the verdant scenery in this little corner of Galicia in the far northwest of Spain.

◦ Kayak down the Minho, a wide, calm river and enjoy the lush vistas along this river in northwestern Spain.

◦ No experience is necessary for this guided tour, and it’s ideal for both beginners and experienced kayakers alike.


Duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Vigo Panoramic and Tierra Gauda Cellars

Learn about the city’s culture and history while viewing its monuments and iconic landmarks.

◦ Embark on a scenic drive through Vigo city and learn about the city’s history, culture, and monuments.

◦ Have your camera ready for spectacular photo opportunities at El Castro Mount.

◦ Meet your wine expert at Terras Gauda for a guided tour of the winery’s cellars.

◦ Journey to Valença in Portugal where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a guided walking tour.


Duration: 5 hours

Explore Vigo on Foot

Enjoy a guided stroll through the charming streets of Vigo on this exploration of the culture, history, and flavors of this vibrant city.

◦ Learn about Jules Verne, who set his novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, in the beautiful Bay of Vigo.

◦ Stroll along Concepción Arenal Street toward Compostela Square and Gardens.

◦ Discover the heart of Vigo where you’ll see the Museum of Contemporary Art, García Barbón Theatre, and Puerto del Sol.

◦ Walk through the Old Quarter and Oyster Street where you’ll see the oyster shucking ladies.


Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes