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After an exciting day exploring a new port followed by a delicious dinner back on the ship, you might think your blissful travel day is over, but the fun is just beginning on a Celebrity Cruises sailing. The cruise entertainment on board a Celebrity ship is varied, providing something for everyone after the sun goes down. Here are some of the top options for how to spend a night on Celebrity Cruises.

Theatrical Performances

Did you know Celebrity Cruises has a grand theater onboard its ships? During sailings, Celebrity Cruises presents exhilarating shows that are reminiscent of Broadway, with gifted performers. The highlight of this is Elyria, an adults-only production that puts an intriguing twist on a fairytale with enchanting dream-like visuals and acrobatics alongside powerful singing and dancing.

Other nights in the theater, you may find a comedy skit, magic show, or live instrumental music performance.

Lounges and Bars

If good nightlife to you means a tasty drink in just the right setting to match your mood, then you’ll be glad to hear Celebrity Cruises has an assortment of lounges and bars on its ships. Here are some of the best ones for the cruise nightlife on board.

Cellar Masters – This is Celebrity Cruises’ onboard wine bar and it’s a leisurely place to get a glass of wine and relax on comfortable chairs for some enticing late evening conversation.

Passport Bar – Passport Bar is located in the Grand Foyer and its expansive space and comfortable seating makes it a great place to head at night for some live music and your favorite drink.

Michael’s Club – For those in Suite Class staterooms, you can spend your late night hours enjoying a cocktail or glass of wine in Michael’s Club, an exclusive lounge open 24 hours a day that has a sumptuous country club feel.

World Class Bar – If your idea of a good night is learning about the art of the cocktail and sipping some top notch liquor, head to World Class Bar and have its expert mixologists blend, shake, and pour you something delectable.

Sky Observation Lounge – This is a great bar to head to at night if you want to see moonlit views of the sea. You’ll also be entertained by Motown singers and dancers who take to the floor with some tunes that will surely get you in the mood to party.

Martini Bar & Crush – This is a chill (literally thanks to the shaved ice topped bar), yet happening place to hang out. Order a decadent specialty martini, and then make new friends as you converse with other passengers who make their way around the Martini Bar as it’s in a prominent location close to the main dining room. Martini Bar & Crush is a great place for an after-dinner or after-show drink if you’re not ready to head to your stateroom yet. The excitement can really pick up when the bartenders do their impressive multi-cup pours.

A Night of Indulgence

Think cabaret and speakeasy sultriness when it comes to Indulgence, Celebrity Cruises’ unique experience that takes place in Cellar Masters. The Indulgence party has cocktails and delicious hor d’oeuvres, but what really makes it special are the pop-up performances that happen throughout the party.

Dancing and DJs

Celebrity Cruises has a couple options for dancing the night away.

Quasar – This is the nightclub on board and you can head here each night for some cool lighting and DJ-spun beats to dance to.

Solarium – If you want to move your body to some steady beats alongside ocean and star views, head to the Solarium, which has an alluring vibe thanks to its glass-paned ceiling. Though a relaxing adult-only pool area during the day, at night Solarium is turned into a hot nightclub, complete with a DJ.

You can also grab your partner and start an impromptu dance session at the Passport Bar, Sky Observation Lounge, or pretty much anywhere with music on board!

Gambling at the Casino

Want to add an element of risk to your night? Head to the ship’s casino where you can try your hand at Blackjack and other table games, or test your luck on the slot machines.

A Taste of Film

A Taste of Film is a memorable movie experience that takes place on the Rooftop Terrace. You’ll get to relax under the stars on lounge seating and watch a film al fresco. Adding to the fun are special drinks and snacks that are prepared which go along with the theme of the movie.

Games and Competitions

In addition to the above bars and productions, there are many other activities offered at night throughout the cruise, often hosted by the lively Cruise Director. These may include karaoke nights, the Newlywed Game, the pop-culture inspired Living Room Games, dance-offs, other amiable competitions, and more.

Note: Not all of the above nightlife activities are offered on every Celebrity Cruises ship. Click here To find a list of attractions and amenities on each ship.

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