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September 13, 2014

In honor of Style Week OC, we’ve rounded up our top tips for what to pack for a Mediterranean cruise.

Sailing around the Mediterranean is a blissful way to spend a vacation. While in port you’ll experience the romance and prestige of the area and see stunning views and historic sites. You’ll want to make sure you pack your suitcase right so you can best enjoy your time on and off the ship while on your Mediterranean Cruise. Here are our top picks on what to pack for a Mediterranean cruise.

Attire for on the Ship

The Mediterranean Sea is usually calm with warm breezes at night if you’re sailing in summer, though those breezes might get a little cooler during the fall and spring. Bring a light cardigan or stylish jacket to wear when enjoying time on the ship’s outdoor areas like the Lawn Club on Celebrity’s Solstice-class of ships.

A smart pair of slacks with a nice shirt for the men and a maxi dress or sundress for the ladies work perfect for dinner, whether eating in the main dining area or the specialty restaurants. You’ll also want to pack a suit or cocktail dress if participating in the fun and festive formal nights onboard the ship.

When enjoying the ship during the day you probably already know to pack a swimsuit, but don’t forget to stick in some pool cover-up attire, too. It can be a long, uncomfortable walk back to your hotel room if you’re covered up in only a towel — and it eliminates the option of stopping somewhere along the way for an afternoon treat or drink in one of the lounges.

What to Wear While in Port

While in port, you’ll want to wear comfortable clothes that are practical for touring a city but don’t make you totally stick out like a tourist. Lightweight linen pants work well for bottoms. For tops, women should remember that many churches in the Mediterranean require female visitors to have their shoulders covered in order to enter the church, so if you are wearing a tanktop stick a light scarf in your day pack so you can drape it over your shoulders if needed.

Most importantly, pack comfortable walking shoes. Many of the streets in the Mediterranean are made up of uneven cobblestones and flip-flops or heels aren’t going to cut it for long. Many outdoor clothing outfitters have a wide selection of walking shoes and you may be surprised to find that some even look quite stylish.

The Mediterranean is also known for its sunshine so don’t forget to pack your sunglasses or a hat to shield your eyes from the glare of the sun.

Most importantly, pack a good camera — you want to make sure you remember all the beautiful sites you saw in the Mediterranean and the fun you had while on the cruise ship.

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