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We just finished up two incredible rounds of our Celebrity Cruises Design Competition for Style Week OC. We partnered up with designers at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) who created eight amazing outfits inspired by Celebrity Cruises ships and vacations. We’ve displayed them all below with the original sketch, the outfit modeled during Style Week OC fashion shows at Fashion Island and Irvine Spectrum, and an image of the part of the ship or world that inspired the outfit. We lead and end the photo montage with the two winning designs. Tell us your favorite outfit at the end!

Fashion Island Celebrity Cruises Design Competition Styles

Outfit #1

Designer: Francesca Lake (Winner!)

Inspiration: Luminae Restaurant, the exclusive restaurant that is only accessible by Suite Class guests sailing with Celebrity Cruises.

Outfit #2

Designer: Ali Jawad

Inspiration: Liquid Lounge, an onboard lounge that provides cool drinks and a circus-like ambiance with acrobatics and swimming performances happening around you while you sip your cocktail.

Outfit #3

Designer: Peivand Mirzaie

Inspiration: The Galleria and Qsine Restaurant. The Galleria is where you can do shopping while cruising, then head to dinner at Qsine, a unique restaurant with creative entrees and food presentations. Peivand Mirzaie (Fashion Island)

Outfit #4

Designer: Lilit Markosyan

Inspiration: Celebrity Lawn Club, a real-grass area on the ship where you can enjoy al fresco dining, a drink while sitting on the grass enjoying the sunshine, or even a game of bocce ball. Irvine Spectrum Celebrity Cruises Design Competition Styles

Outfit #5

Designer: Danny Godoy

Inspiration: Southern France Sonata and Mediterranean Cruise — Take a river cruise down the Sonata River followed by a transatlantic Mediterranean cruise.

Outfit #6

Designer: Duston Jasso

Inspiration: Rhine Medley, Scandinavia, and Russia Vacation Package — Experience a river cruise and an ocean cruise all one great itinerary.

Outfit #7

Designer: Nahal Shad

Inspiration: Africa Safari and Europe Cruise — Go on an exciting safari Nairobi before flying to London to board a cruise through Europe.

Outfit #8

Designer: Marly Kluge (Winner!)

Inspiration: Amazon and South America cruise — Cruise down the mighty Amazon on a river expedition and then switch to the gorgeous Celebrity Infinity ship to sail around South America.

Which Celebrity Cruises Design Competition style was your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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