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Now is the time to master that language you’ve always been wanting to learn. Why not Italian? Many non-native speakers say that this melodious romance language is fairly easy to learn.

Brush up on your Italian skills by watching these simple and informative videos which will have you parlando Italiano like a local before you know it.

The 100 Most Common Italian Words

As anyone who has ever learned a language before can tell you, it’s important to start with the basics. This video of the 100 most common Italian words covers all the essentials you’ll need to learn to put a sentence together. “Yes and no.” “Me and you.” “Hello and goodbye.” Watch it every morning until you have all 100 words down and the rest will come much easier.

10 Must-Know Italian Verbs for Beginners

Now that you have the basics covered, it’s time to go to the next level: verbs! In this clip, a teacher guides you through the 10 essential Italian verbs you need to master. From “call” to “like,” these verbs will help you figure out how to introduce yourself, explain where you’re from, and say hello.

How to Order Food In Italian Like a Pro at a Restaurant

Before your next Italian adventure, watch this video and learn how to order food at a local restuarant. Surprise your server when you can confidently answer the typical questions that you’ll be asked in a restaurant in Italy.

How to Order a Coffee in Italy

Italy is famous for its food, wine, and coffee, so it’s important to learn how to seamlessly order a caffè in Italy if you plan on spending some time there in the future. From cappuccino to macchiato, learn the differences between each type of coffee and find out the easiest way to order a cup from the bar.

Simple Italian Greetings for Beginners

Sure, you could stick with hello or “ciao” to greet someone while in Italy, but if you’re looking to stand out, you should watch this video that walks you through the 12 different Italian greetings and the appropriate time to use each one.

For instance, ciao is actually only used between close friends and family.

Italian Words You’ve Been Getting Wrong

Have you been saying these Italian words wrong? Learn the correct way to pronounce bruschetta, pistachio, Versace, linguine, and other Italian words in this video

How To Be Italian—20 Rules Italians Never Break

Just as important as having a handle on a country’s language is understanding its culture. This video on the 20 rules Italian never break is a must-watch if you want to feel like a local during a vacation in Italy.

Not only does the host illuminate us on the proper way to greet an Italian (three kisses, no exception), the only appropriate time to order a cappuccino (before noon), and why you should never wear white socks while in Italy (fashion faux pas!), but he also provides useful captions in Italian and English while offering his explanations.

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