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The best time to visit Belize is from mid-November through early May, during which time the country enjoys near continuous sunshine. For the duration of this dry season, temperatures hover around a pleasant 82℉ (27℃ ), perfect for beach days.

Thanks to its tropical climate, Belize maintains fairly consistent temperatures throughout the year. The months of June through October see increased average rainfall and therefore fewer visitors.

Even during the rainy season, showers seldom last the whole day and temperatures never get too chilly. In short, there’s never really a bad time to visit the island.

Visiting Belize by Season


Atv ride in Belize

ATV ride in Belize

As a tropical island, Belize does not have four distinct seasons in the traditional sense. During the “summer” from roughly June until September, temperature highs are consistently around 88℉ (31℃ ) and the average rainfall increases with each passing month. Hurricanes do occasionally pass through during this season, so it’s important to check the forecast.

Insiders often say that June is actually the best time to go to Belize. Although it technically falls within the rainy season, it’s drier than September. It also has fewer visitors than during peak season. As a bonus, the San Pedro Lobster Fest, which features tons of local eats and dancing until late in the night, takes place each June.


September and October have approximately 11 inches (279 mm) and 10 inches (254 mm) of average rainfall respectively, making them two of the wettest months of the year. Although temperatures never get too chilly, the extra showers and risk of tropical storms make this one of the least popular times to visit.


The winter months from December to February are one of the nicest—and by far most popular—times of year to visit Belize. With average daily highs around 82℉ (27℃ ), followed by slightly cooler nights, this dry season is ideal for exploring the local jungles, snorkeling over dazzling reefs, or soaking up the plentiful sunshine on some of Belize’s best beaches.

Best time to visit Belize

Marine life in Belize


March through May are some of the hottest months of the year, with temperatures climbing up toward highs of around 90℉ (32℃ ) by the end of the season. Although the interior jungles can get rather steamy during this period, cool sea breezes ensure that coastal areas are still perfectly lovely even during the heat of the day.

When is Rainy Season?

Rainy season in Belize is from June through early November. The wettest months tend to be September and October, although regular downpours often continue well into November. As is typical with many tropical climates, rainstorms tend to only last a few hours.

When is High Season?

High season is typically during the dry, sun-drenched period running from January through May. Belize is especially beloved by North Americans looking for a warm winter escape, which means the months of December, January, and February often see quite a few visitors.

When is Shoulder Season?

Shoulder season in Belize falls roughly from May through June, which also happens to be an excellent time to visit. While you can expect to see some rainfall, temperatures are warm and storms tend to pass relatively quickly.

Some would argue that another shoulder season exists in the early fall months, around August and September. As a bonus, spiny lobster and king conch, two of the most sought-after dishes in Belize, are in season around this period.

Fresh seafood on a plate


When is Low Season?

Low season in Belize typically falls during the rainy months of June through October, which see relatively heavy rainfall and fewer visitors. Even during this period, the weather is warm and there are often long stretches of sunshine between downpours.

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