Berlin (Warnemunde) Cruise Port Guide

The coastal resort town of Warnemunde might not be very well known beyond the borders of Germany, but its charm and gentle spirit lure more and more people to this hidden gem. Many people stop in Warnemunde on a cruise to Berlin and take a day trip to Germany’s biggest city, but taking it easy in Warnemunde also has its benefits

On a Scandinavian cruise, a stop in Warnemunde offers a picturesque alternative to the busy city vibes of the capital. Here, you’ll see the laidback side of the German countryside, whether you’re lounging on Warnemunde Beach or sailing the Baltic Sea. Warnemunde is rapidly growing as a foodie destination because of the sheer amount of travelers passing through. Don’t miss a chance to try the region’s famous smoked fish. Sailing and regatta are cultural touchstones that bring resort-goers back to Warnemunde every year.

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Top Sights & Attractions for Cruises to Berlin (Warnemunde)

Am Strom

On a Warnemunde cruise, check out Am Strom, where the town’s best shopping, resorts, cafes, boutiques, and restaurants are tucked away. The boats floating in the harbor offer the perfect vacation photo op.

Warnemunde Beach

Because Warnemunde is known as a resort town, its calm and relaxed beaches are one of the biggest draws for visitors to the area. Grab your beach towel and lounge the day away if you wish, then end your day with a drink from a local beer hall.

The Kröpelin Gate

At nearly 200 feet tall, the Kröpelin Gate is one of the oldest sights in the Rostock area, and taking a photo in front of the gate is a must. According to records, the gate has been in existence since the 11th century.

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Top Things to Do in Berlin (Warnemunde)

Go Sailing

An afternoon sailing on the Baltic Sea is an unforgettable experience for all ages and groups of all sizes. Private boat tours and regatta are hugely popular excursions in the area. Pack a picnic, your bathing suit, and snorkel gear to fully enjoy it.

Day Trip to Berlin

Berlin is about 2.5 hours away from Warnemunde by train, and many travelers head that way to see the capital city up close. You could quickly get swept up seeing the Berlin Wall, Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, and other landmarks.

See the Lighthouse

The lighthouse in Warnemunde is the city’s most iconic sight that represents the history of Warnemunde all in one landmark. You can see the lighthouse from almost anywhere in the city, and the view from the top offers a panorama of the Baltic Sea and the resorts below.

Top Food and Drink Spots Near the Berlin (Warnemunde) Cruise Port


Address: Am Strom 123 

This popular fish spot is frequented by tourists and locals alike. The entire restaurant is outfitted in nautical decor. Try the local halibut, swordfish, or smoked salmon.


Address: Am Yachthafen 1

Focused on seasonally changing European fare, the Brasserie is perfect for an elegant night out in Warnemunde. The view of the harbor is one of the main reasons to make a reservation, along with excellent mains and a cozy, white-tableclothed atmosphere.

Fischhus Min Herzing

Address: Poststr. 1, 18119

Locally caught fish done well is the theme of the menu at this unassuming fish house. It’s located a short walk away from Warnemunde Church, and you’ll know you’ve arrived once you see the building’s bright yellow exterior.

Culture & History of Berlin (Warnemunde) Cruise Port

Warnemunde began as a humble fishing village in the 13th century, and grew to become one of Germany’s biggest resort towns. It’s one of the busiest cruise ports in all of the Baltic Sea, and many use this stop as a jumping-off point to get to Berlin, which is less than a three-hour train ride away. When you’re on a cruise to Berlin by way of Warnemunde, you’ll notice that the German language dominates here. Sailing and the regatta are important cultural activities that bring the entire community together. Today, the population totals less than 10,000 people, and tourism is the biggest economic driver.

Berlin (Warnemunde) Port Facilities & Location

The cruise port bustles with activity during the summer months. Your Warnemunde cruise ship might dock fairly close to the beach, while the other berth is closer to the town of Rostock.

Transportation in Berlin (Warnemunde)

It is about a 2.5-hour train ride from Warnemunde to Berlin. You can also stay around Warnemunde or take a 30-minute train to nearby Rostock instead. Most visitors get around via train, ferry, or taxi.

Shopping Near the Berlin (Warnemunde)Cruise Port

Pick berries and buy gourmet treats to snack on during your day in port or back on the ship at a charming local strawberry farm. At the strawberry-themed Pier 7, you can shop knickknacks and home goods. Once you get to the Warnemunde city center, you’ll find plenty of artisanal shops and boutiques. Most stores are closed past 8pm.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

You’ll use the euro during your time in port on a Warnemunde cruise, like you would in other parts of Germany and the European Union (EU). Carrying some cash is recommended, but not mandatory. Leave a 5% to 10% tip when eating out at a restaurant or after a taxi ride. Rounding up to the nearest euro for your fare is also polite

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