Roatan Honduras Port Guide

The island of Roatan is known for its glittering bays and colorful coral reefs perfect for outdoor adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving. Discover your inner pirate on a Caribbean cruise to Roatan, where you can taste local rum, swim among starfish at Starfish Alley, or sample fresh seafood at local restaurants. 

The 40-mile-long island borders the second-longest barrier reef on the globe, which attracts many divers each year. Go horseback riding at Little French Cay or unwind in paradise at West Bay. Don’t forget to try conch fritters and rum cake during your visit.

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Top Sights & Attractions for Cruises to Roatan

Roatan Rum Company

Rum tasting, anyone? The Roatan Rum Company is centrally located near the Roatan lighthouse and offers tours Monday through Saturday. Sample the chocolate rum, the delicious rum cake, and other local delicacies. On your cruise to Roatan, soak in the beautiful view from the top of “Rum Point”.

Flamingo Cultural Center

The best way to discover the history and community of the island is the Flamingo Cultural Center, which offers educational programming on Garifuna culture, local preservation efforts, responsible tourism, social programs to benefit the local community, and much more. Look into the traditional dance classes while you’re here.

West Bay Beach

On your Roatan, Honduras cruise, hit the beach at West Bay, which is great for families with young kids. The water is shallow enough that all types of swimmers can enjoy, plus it's brimming with schools of fish and colorful coral to explore. There is a fee to enter, but it comes with access to restrooms and changing stations. Rent a beach chair and enjoy a cold drink while you unwind.

Top Things to Do in Roatan

Meet Sloths at Little French Cay

Little French Cay used to be a private retreat in Roatan, but today it’s available for all to enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, and horseback riding. It also serves as an animal refuge featuring sloths, monkeys, and other species.

Snorkel at Starfish Alley

One of Roatan’s biggest spots for snorkeling is Starfish Alley, which is nestled between West End and West Bay. Marvel at the multi-colored starfish that line the seafloor as you swim.

Go Stand Up Paddleboarding

SUP, or stand-up paddleboarding, is a popular water sport for all ages. On your Roatan, Honduras cruise, you’ll find a variety of providers on the beaches who host SUP classes or offer paddleboard rentals. Get on the water and admire the clear views for miles.

Top Food and Drink Spots Near the Roatan Cruise Port

360 Restaurant and Bar

Visit 360 and soak in the low-key ambiance. Try the whole red snapper and a plate of parrilladas, a platter of grilled meats. The rice and beans in mojo sauce is one of the most popular dishes. 

La Sirena de Camp Bay 

Seafood is the standard fare at La Sirena, where lionfish, coconut shrimp, and rum are featured. The ocean views are well worth the drive. 

Cal’s Cantina 

If you’re craving Tex-Mex, head to Cal’s. Admire the beautiful island views as you enjoy lunch. Try the conch fritters or fried shrimp. For dessert, don’t miss the coconut pie. They’re open Tuesday to Fridays. 

Culture & History of the Roatan Cruise Port

Originally, Roatan was home to the indigenous Paya, Maya, Lenca, and Jicaque tribes. In the 14th century, Chistopher Colombus sailed to the islands and brought European diseases which devastated the local communities. Pirates and traders were common in the era. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the fishing and tourism industries expanded, and the population boomed as a result.

Roatan Port Facilities & Location

There are two places where your cruise ship may dock: Coxen Hole and Mahogany Bay. At Coxen Hole, you’ll find a shopping mall and restaurants for a quick bite to eat. There’s an ATM as well as internet access in the area, and it’s walking distance to other parts of Roatan.

Transportation in Roatan

The easiest way to get around on your Roatan, Honduras cruise is to book a shore excursion with transit included as part of the program. There’s also a shuttle service to town and some parts of the city are walkable from the cruise terminal. Otherwise, taxis and car rentals are standard for getting around. Water taxis are also a common form of transportation here.

Shopping Near the Roatan Cruise Port

There’s minimal shopping at Coxen Hole, but there’s a plaza at Mahogany Bay where you’ll find shopping, jewelry, and food. On a cruise to Roatan, strip-mall-type stores are common.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

The currency you’ll use on your cruise to Roatan is the lempira, but U.S. dollars are commonly accepted. Tipping is considered polite in Honduras, and it’s recommended you leave 10-15% at restaurants. However, it’s not customary to leave a tip for taxi drivers.

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