Award-Winning Chile Cruises to Patagonia & Beyond

Embarking on a Chile cruise will take you to the ends of the world. Aside from being the last mainland you’ll sail past before cruising to Antarctica, Chile also encompasses large portions of the renowned Patagonia region. Here, you’ll see sharktooth-shaped mountaintops, wild woodlands, and some of the largest glaciers in the world.

South America cruises that start in Buenos Aires typically visit the Patagonia cruise gateways of Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas. Cruises from Chile that go along the Pacific coast, on the other hand, sail between Santiago and Southern California, stopping in intriguing ports of call in the northern half of Chile along the way.

Book a Chile Cruise for Lively Cities & Majestic Landscapes

Chile is home to impressive mountain ranges, glaciers, volcanoes, fjords, and even a picturesque lake district. Aside from its natural beauty, you’ll find energetic cities with world-class cuisine and museums.

Petrohue Waterfalls

Marvel at the power of cascading water while in port in Puerto Montt with a journey to see the magnificent rapids and waterfalls of Petrohue River. Located in Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, Petrohue Waterfalls provides a great photo op and is an excellent example of why Chile is renowned for its outdoor scenery.


Santiago is the capital of Chile, and though it’s located inland, it’s possible for cruisers to visit the city while in port. Here, you’ll notice a different geographical makeup than the port cities you’ll stop in during a Chile cruise. You’ll find plenty of arts and culture in Santiago, with a multitude of museums and stately architecture.

Osorno Volcano

A defining landmark of the southern Chilean horizon is Osorno Volcano. Located in Vicente Perez National Park, Osorno Volcano is right on the edge of the Chilean Patagonia region. The still-active volcano juts 8,700 feet into the air and even has glaciers on its side, making it an incredible landmark to behold.

Featured Chile Cruise Ports

Chile’s ports of call are located all up and down its long coastline. From north to south, you can visit Arica, La Serena, San Antonio, Puerto Montt, Punta Arenas, and Cape Horn.

Popular Shore Excursions in Chile

From local drinks to unforgettable outdoor activities, the shore excursions offered on a Chile cruise take you right into the heart of this gorgeous country and provide you with an overview of Chile’s culture and scenery.

Wine Tasting

On cruises to Chile, you’ll find a spectacular wine region home to sprawling vineyards and renowned wines. On a wine tasting shore excursion, you’ll sample varietals include Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay.

Nature Adventures

Much of Chile’s culture is centered around the great outdoors. Shore excursions are heavy in outdoor adventures, especially for ports near Patagonia. Go whitewater rafting down a river, hike through a rainforest, see penguins and more.

Magellanic Penguins

While in Chile, you have the unique opportunity to see the adorable Magellanic penguins in their natural habitat. One of the best places to see them is in on Magdalena Island, which is located near Punta Arenas. The penguins nest and frolic around this area and are a delight to witness.

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Helpful Tips Before You Go


Spanish is the official language of Chile, and English isn’t as widely spoken as in other parts of the world. Bring a translation book with you or download a language translator app to your smartphone to get around with ease. Chile cruise ports of call often have tender ports, so you’ll be transferred by boat between the port and the ship, which will anchor a short distance offshore. In addition, Chilean Agriculture Department inspectors may be on hand to check bags and ensure there are no fresh food items coming into the country.

If you’re searching for a memorable souvenir to remember your vacation, look for local artisan markets and stalls selling alpaca sweaters, hand-carved wood figurines, handmade boots, and penguin memorabilia.