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Fun with the Caribbean Animals

January 30, 2015

If you love animals, then you’ll love going on a Caribbean cruise as you’ll get the opportunity to spend time with various animals at different ports of call around the Caribbean. Here are some of the best shore excursions to have some animal fun while cruising the Caribbean.

Underwater Adventure in Cozumel

Cozumel has some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean thanks to the plethora of colorful fish, coral, turtles, and more within the clear water surrounding the Mexican island. Enjoy some snorkel time while in port and get even deeper thanks to an underwater helmet that allows you to walk on the bottom of the ocean floor on the Blue Water SeaTrek Helmet Diving and Snorkel shore excursion.

Horseback Riding in the Sea

Explore the shores of Jamaica via horseback on the Chukka Horseback Ride N Swim excursion. You’ll mount a horse bareback and the gentle animal will walk and trot as you navigate your way through a farm village before arriving at the ocean where you will plunge into the water while still on the horse for an exhilarating animal and Caribbean Sea experience.


Stingray Swim

Swim with friendly stingrays at the beloved Stingray City while in port in George Town in the Grand Caymans. Stingray City is a shallow area of the sea where dozens upon dozens of stingrays congregate each day. They will allow you to touch them and swim alongside them, which you can do as part of the Catamaran Sail and Stingray City shore excursion. Your guide during the excursion will teach you the safe way to interact with the stingrays before you get in the water.

Escape to warmer weather and frolic with animals soon on last minute Caribbean sailings. Contact your local travel agent today to find the itinerary that is perfect for you.

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