Cruises to Vanuatu

Sail the scenic South Pacific to discover island adventures on a cruise to Vanuatu with Celebrity. This tropical archipelago is known for its smoldering volcanoes, palm-fringed beaches, and world-class dive sites. You'll find a culture known for its diverse influences, ceremonial dances, and music. In the deep waters around the islands, you’ll discover abundant marine life, and wrecks of WWII airplanes and other vessels to explore.

Snorkel or scuba dive the clear blue waters of Hideaway Island and explore the steaming Ambrym volcano on foot or by a thrilling helicopter tour. Visit the capital city of Port Vila, home to great duty-free shopping and colorful markets. Take a trip to Luganville, where you can learn about WWII history at the Million Dollar Point wreck site, or swim and relax at Champagne Beach. Spend the day on Mystery Island, a small uninhabited islet where you can relax on the warm white sand or snorkel over the nearby reef. See the best of the region on a South Pacific cruise with Celebrity.

Vanuatu Cruise Highlights

Coral Reefs and Shipwrecks

In the calm ocean water surrounding the islands of Vanuatu, you will find exquisite coral reefs that are home to sea turtles, reef sharks, and an abundance of colorful tropical fish. Vanuatu's most famous dive site is the shipwreck of the SS President Coolidge, which sank in 1942 after hitting two American mines. The ship is now a protected marine site and is one of the largest wrecks in the world that is accessible to divers of all levels.

Blissful Beaches

Vanuatu boasts pristine, white-sand beaches on each of its islands with plenty of tropical shores to explore during your cruise. You can find secluded beaches for relaxing and snorkeling, among them Eton Beach on the island of Efate. You'll also find busier beaches, like  Port Vila's Iririki Island Beach Resort, the perfect spot for beach games, jet-skiing, and windsurfing. Many of Vanuatu's beaches are fringed with coconut palms, adding to the idyllic tropical atmosphere of the islands.

Dining & Cultural Ceremonies

You will find a diverse range of dining options in Vanuatu that showcase the wide array of cultural influences of the Melanesian, French, British, and Chinese, all of whom have all called Vanuatu home. There are also many dance shows and other traditional cultural ceremonies that highlight the rich heritage of the nation and its people. You might see a ceremonial ritual called a “sand drawing”, where artists tell stories via temporary images in the sand. You can also try a traditional dish like lap-lap, made with yam, coconut milk, and vegetables.

Featured Vanuatu Cruise Ports

Vanuatu Cruise Itineraries

Set sail across the South Pacific on cruises that bring you to some of the most exquisite islands in the world. These itineraries start in Sydney, Australia and last for 10, 11, 13, and 17 nights, with a longer, transpacific option available. Sail to ports like Vila and Mystery Island in Vanuatu, as well as further destinations in Oceania and Hawaii, depending on your itinerary.

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Why Cruise to Vanuatu With Celebrity Cruises

On a cruise to Vanuatu, you'll enjoy accommodations and onboard amenities as you sail to some of the South Pacific's most beautiful and unspoiled islands. Rejuvenate your body and mind with a swim in the pool at the adults-only Solarium, or a massage at The Spa. Taste delicious dishes curated by world-renowned chefs at our specialty restaurants and enjoy drinks at the elegant Martini Bar and a Broadway-style production show.

In Vanuatu, you’ll be able to snorkel over the coral reefs that circle Efate Island, teeming with parrotfish, butterfly fish, and sweetlips. Visit the Port Vila Markets, where you can find fresh tropical fruits and vegetables, hand-carved woodwork, and locally made jewelry. Unwind with a glass of kava, a traditional local beverage, while you watch the sunset over the peaceful Mystery Island. Unwind on a cruise to Vanuatu with Celebrity Cruises. 

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