Celebrity Select Dining

Dine on your time


On our Celebrity Edge® Series ships, we may have reinvented the main restaurant experience with four restaurants, but we haven’t changed the way you plan your dining in these restaurants. Now, you can choose Celebrity Select Dining Early or Celebrity Select Dining Late, and you’ll be assigned one of the four main dining restaurants, while having the option to dine in the other three upon request. Choose Celebrity Select Dining Anytime, and you can dine in any of the four restaurants when you want. There’s nothing traditional about dining with us. With Celebrity Select Dining the choice of how you plan your evening meals is up to you.

Cyprus Restaurant

This is a restaurant that’s dear to our hearts, because it represents our company’s Greek heritage. The mouthwatering menus of Cyprus remain focused on seafood and feature simple, clean dishes that celebrate the food and beverages of the Mediterranean region.

Tuscan Restaurant

Borrowing from the success of our hugely popular specialty dining venue, Tuscan Grille, Tuscan Restaurant elevates those successes to new heights. Step inside and discover Italian inspired cuisine along with an equally delicious ambiance, featuring a modern classical design inspired by Italian fashion and film. 

Normandie Restaurant

Normandie Restaurant features contemporary French cuisine in a modern and refined setting that evokes the romance of summertime in Paris, with a color palette reminiscent of cherry blossoms in full bloom. You can truly say Normandie Restaurant is the French quarter of the main dining experience on our Edge Series ships.

Cosmopolitan Restaurant

Mirroring our current main dining experience across our fleet, which is what brings so many of our guests back time and time again, Cosmopolitan Restaurant is the next evolution of our current main restaurants and represents our culinary expertise like no other restaurant can.

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