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Despite being small in size, there are plentiful things to do in Gibraltar. The Rock, as it’s known, is renowned for its unique blend of history, natural beauty, and cultural fusion.

The territory, notably around the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, is home to iconic sites like St. Michael’s Cave, boasting eerie formations and a subterranean hall, which has enchanted visitors across the ages.

While wandering about, you can delve into the region’s storied history, which includes its strategic importance during World War II and the Great Siege Tunnels, testaments to this enclave’s resilience. Add to this both British and Spanish influences and a breathtaking backdrop and your visit here is sure to be a rewarding one.

Ride the Gibraltar Cable Car

Ride the cable car, one of the best things to do in GIbraltar

Gibraltar Cable Car

Gibraltar centers around one singular icon—The Rock of Gibraltar, commanding the scenery. The Gibraltar Cable Car, in service since 1966, swiftly climbs the Rock, almost to the peak, hoisting visitors to 1,352 feet above sea level in roughly six minutes.

This rocky perch will offer you magnificent views of the Strait of Gibraltar and the North African coastline. The cable car also provides easy access to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, St. Michael’s Cave, and the local Barbary macaque population.

This short but steep ride is a must for mind-blowing panoramic vistas, wildlife encounters, and soaking in Gibraltar’s inherent splendor.

Wander Around the Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Visit Upper Rock, one of the best things to do in GIbraltar

Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Gibraltar’s Upper Rock Nature Reserve is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering superb vistas, hiking trails, and encounters with Barbary macaques.

Once a strategic military location during conflicts, this reserve is now the territory’s primary tourist attraction. It boasts diverse flora and fauna, along with stunning Mediterranean and African views.

Gibraltar candytuft spotted while hiking in Upper Rock

Gibraltar candytuft

Some of the flora here include a variety of wild olive trees, junipers, and aromatic herbs like lavender. The reserve is also home to hundreds of species of flowering plants, some of which are unique to Gibraltar and Iberia, including the Gibraltar candytuft.

The area also hosts resident and migratory bird species such as gray wagtails, yellow-legged gulls, Barbary partridges, Lanner falcons, and others.

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve teems with life, from human to avian to reptilian (like the ocellated lizard), ensuring an immersive experience wherever you explore.

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Visit Europa Point & Trinity Lighthouse

Visit Europa Point, one of the best things to do in GIbraltar

Europa Point

For a fun excursion in Gibraltar, head south to Europa Point, offering mesmerizing vistas where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. On clear days, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco can be seen in the distance, sporting snowy caps in winter.

This scenic site also hosts the Trinity Lighthouse, built in 1841. The white and red lighthouse, among the world’s oldest functional lighthouses, has long guided ships through these crucial waters while marking the territory’s southernmost tip.

While in the area, you can admire the lighthouse’s design and soak in its historical importance as you enjoy glimpses of Africa across this emblematic meeting point between the European and African continents.

Traverse Windsor Suspension Bridge & Gibraltar Skywalk

Walk the Windsor Suspension Bridge, one of the best things to do in GIbraltar

Windsor Suspension Bridge and Skywalk

Gibraltar’s Windsor Suspension Bridge and Skywalk promise a thrilling adventure for intrepid travelers with a head for heights. The bridge stretches over a narrow gorge, revealing incredible views of nearby rock formations and landscapes.

The Skywalk, linked to the bridge, is a glass-floored platform located at a dizzying elevation. Daredevils can step onto the glass for stellar Rock of Gibraltar views above, alongside the platform, and down into the abyss below.

Observe Barbary Macaques at the Ape’s Den

Monkeys at the Ape's Den

Ape’s Den

When it comes to delightful things to do in Gibraltar, the territory truly bustles with monkey business.

Gibraltar’s most famous inhabitants are probably the Barbary macaques, the sole wild monkey population in Europe.

At the Ape’s Den habitat in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, visitors can observe these playful primates in their natural environment. However, exercise caution while here, as these macaques may snatch food and other items, including hats and sunglasses.

According to Gibraltar folklore, if the macaques were to ever depart, British rule over the territory would end. This, coupled with their attraction to tourists, explains why these non-human primates have been allowed to stay.

Stroll Around Irish Town

Street signs in Irish Town

Irish Town

Irish Town, in Gibraltar, is a district and street steeped in history, full of atmosphere and cultural significance. The area, adorned with lively facades and appealing shops, pubs, and eateries, reflects the territory’s eclectic cultural mix.

Irish Town’s origins date back to the 18th-century Irish migration, lending the area its unique name.

Formerly known as Calle de Santa Ana during Gibraltar’s Spanish era, this pedestrianized street now hosts a synagogue, a merchant house, cafés, stores, and more, blending in seamlessly with longstanding establishments like Sacarello’s Coffee Shop.

Check Out Gibraltar’s Moorish Castle

Historic site of the Moorish Castle

Moorish Castle

High in Gibraltar lies the Moorish Castle, an emblem of the region’s complicated past. Likely dating back to the eighth century, although subsequently rebuilt, this fortress features sweeping views of the Strait of Gibraltar and Africa.

Explore the castle’s imposing walls, the Tower of Homage, and the courtyard as part of your historical journey. The castle’s role as a pivotal stronghold during Moorish rule is still apparent, with the structure evolving over centuries under successive rulers’ modifications. Roam the castle grounds for awe-inspiring vistas and a glimpse into ancient history.

Stop by the Gibraltar National Museum

White facade of Gibraltar National Museum

Gibraltar National Museum Photo by Ymblanter on Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The National Museum stands as a cultural cornerstone when it comes to things to do in Gibraltar. This museum showcases the region’s history, natural heritage, and cultural diversity, housing an array of exhibits covering prehistoric times to modern-day Gibraltar.

During your visit, you can uncover ancient artifacts, geological displays, and exhibits detailing the Rock’s flora and fauna. Of particular note is the museum’s emphasis on Gibraltar’s unique heritage, including its role in military history.

Exhibits on the Great Siege, when Spanish and French forces attempted to capture Gibraltar in the late 1700s, the Moorish occupation, and World War II will educate you about Gibraltar’s wartorn past.

You’ll also gain insights into the ancient civilizations that once inhabited the Rock, as well as the legendary Gibraltar Skull, a significant Neanderthal discovery that has added to the understanding of human evolution.

Tackle the Precipitous Mediterranean Steps

Iconic Mediterranean Steps in Gibraltar

Mediterranean Steps

In Gibraltar, the Mediterranean Steps beckon daring trekkers with an exhilarating route tracing the eastern edges of the Rock.

Covering about one and a half miles, this demanding track will offer you exquisite vistas of the Mediterranean Sea and the distant African shoreline. Originating in the 18th century, these steps, first etched out by soldiers, are perfect for folk who like challenging hikes.

During your ascent or descent, you can take in varied plant life like the Gibraltar candytuft, and the different bird species that frequent the Rock. Anyone craving an outdoor workout will enjoy this trek, with its glorious panoramas and a dash of history.

Wander Around the Old Town

Street view of the Old Town

Old Town

A must-do in Gibraltar is wandering around the Old Town to savor everyday Gibraltarian life. The Old Town captivates with historic sites like the bustling Casemates Square, filled with shops and restaurants. The Trafalgar Cemetery, honoring victims of the Battle of Trafalgar, is another notable site here.

Discover the Moorish Baths and city ramparts as well as you take in Gibraltar’s fusion of history, heritage, and culture. The Old Town is also an ideal spot for drinks and people-watching while you soak in all of this wonderful ambiance.

Explore St. Michael’s Cave

View inside St. Michael's Cave

St. Michael’s Cave

While visiting the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, you’ll want to take a tour of St. Michael’s Cave, which will entice you with its mesmerizing limestone formations, underground auditorium, and theater.

Rich in history and lore, this cavern was once thought to be bottomless (it’s not). The cave has served in a variety of roles over the years, including as a wartime infirmary during World War II.

Today, you can admire the impressive stalactites and stalagmites, attend live performances in its cathedral-like hall, and delve into this underground space’s mysterious allure.

Book a Dolphin-Watching Tour

Bottlenose dolphins spotted in Gibraltar

Bottlenose dolphins

Embark on a dolphin-watching voyage in Gibraltar for an exhilarating marine escapade. Tours typically head out on purpose-built vessels into the Strait of Gibraltar with accomplished wildlife guides on board.

Once you reach the areas where dolphins are a common sight, you should see plenty of these enchanting creatures in their natural habitat.

Orca spotted in Gibraltar


The Straits of Gibraltar, where currents mix, are nutrient-rich and whales and orca are a common sight, as well as dolphins. Tour operators will also provide you with insightful narratives about cetacean behavior, ecology, and the surrounding marine world.

A big bonus of sailing out into the Strait of Gibraltar is the sweeping vistas of the Rock of Gibraltar and the distant Moroccan coastline you’ll get to enjoy as you zip across the waves.

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Walk Past Gibraltar’s “Haunted” Gubernatorial Convent

Historic site of the Convent in Gibraltar

The Convent

The “haunted” convent in Gibraltar refers to the Convent of Mercy, a historic building with a few tales of paranormal activity and ghostly sightings attached to its edifice. Constructed in the 16th century, this building initially served as a convent for Franciscan friars before becoming a residence for Gibraltar’s governors.

While the interior is usually off-limits to visitors, as you stroll by this crimson-brick structure outside, you can ponder tales of spectral sightings and mysterious occurrences linked to the convent.

Some accounts detail glimpses of a drifting nun, rumored to be the spirit of a past resident, still wandering around the halls here. Should you ever encounter the territorial governor, feel free to inquire whether they’ve encountered any phantoms during their tenure at the Convent of Mercy.

Unwind at the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Lush landscape of Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, founded in 1816, will present you with a peaceful retreat amid the general busy commotion surrounding the Rock.

You can stroll among a varied plant collection here featuring rare gems like the Dragon Tree, the southern silky oak, succulents, and other flora, all while taking in lovely Strait of Gibraltar views.

This green haven is more than just a tranquil getaway; it’s also a vital conservation research hub, displaying Gibraltar’s rich biodiversity, as well as floral splendor from around the globe.

The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, also known as the Alameda Gardens, are centrally located in Gibraltar, close to the city hub, just south of the Gibraltar Cable Car station and car park.

Visit the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

White facade of Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

Europa Point also hosts the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque. Constructed in 1997 as a gift from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, this beautiful white mosque stands as a symbol of the region’s religious harmony and cultural diversity.

Positioned in a prime location with outstanding views of the Mediterranean Sea and Africa, the mosque exudes a peaceful atmosphere, set against an amazing coastline. Although access to the mosque during prayer times is limited to Muslims, observing its majestic facade and accompanying seaside vistas can be a compelling experience.

Take a Spirit of the Rock Distillery Gin Tour

Gin in a glass with lemon


If you enjoy gin and you’re looking for things to do in Gibraltar, book a tour at the Spirit of the Rock Distillery, which offers engaging tours tailored for fans of juniper-infused spirits.

As you embark on this alcohol-themed journey, you’ll get to take a deep dive into the world of gin-making. Discover intricate distillation methods, botanical selection, and the work that goes into the craft of creating signature gins.

As your tour moves through the production facilities, you can enjoy gin tastings and savor locally crafted flavors while you familiarize yourself with Gibraltar’s craft spirits scene.

Promenade in Gibraltar


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