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Whether you’re still trying to decide which destination is right for you, or you’re booked and ready to go but don’t know what to pack, our helpful selection of cruise tips can guide you through every step of preparing for your upcoming trip. Not sure which documents you’ll need when you board? We’ve got you covered – read the How to Prepare for a Cruise article. Unsure about onboard attire? No problem – check out How to Pack for a Cruise. With our expert cruise advice, you’ll always know what to expect for every aspect of your cruise, leaving you stress-free to enjoy an incredible vacation with the ones you love.

Our experts have curated an eclectic array of cruise advice topics, from general onboard etiquette to detailed restaurant recommendations. In addition to our selection of cruise advice articles above, here are some general cruise tips that will help your vacation go as smoothly as possible:

Cruise Tip #1: Check-In online. Did you know you can check in for your cruise before you reach the port? The online check-in process lets you fill out some of the required paperwork ahead of time, saves time in the embarkation process, and gets you on the ship faster.

Cruise Tip #2: Pack a carry-on bag. You wouldn’t fly without a carry-on bag, would you? When you cruise, it’s always a good idea to have a carry-on bag with you. Your luggage will be delivered to your stateroom as soon as possible, but it could be an hour after you board; you’ll want to have some basic necessities with you just in case.

Cruise Tip #3: Pack a swimsuit in that carry-on bag. While you wait for your luggage to catch up with you, you’re not going to want to miss out on your very first chance to soak up some rays. The pool’s open immediately, so grab a cocktail and a chair and get your vacation started!

Cruise Tip #4: Make dinner plans before you sail. Beyond the complimentary Main Restaurant, we offer distinctive specialty restaurants on every ship, each offering its own menu, specially crafted by our Michelin-starred chef. Making restaurant reservations online before your cruise helps you snag the table and dinner time that you prefer.

Cruise Tip #5: Pack for at least one Evening Chic night on board. When you’re sailing somewhere sunny and warm, the temptation to only pack swimsuits, shorts, and flip-flops is common. But don’t forget that one or two nights of your sailing will be ‘Evening Chic’ nights. While formal attire is not necessary by any means (though if you prefer formal, be our guest), our guideline to dressing for Evening Chic nights might be helpful when deciding what to bring on your cruise.

These cruise tips will help get you started, but feel free to browse our detailed cruise advice articles above – as well as our FAQs – for any additional questions you may have as you prepare to set sail on the vacation of your dreams. Bon voyage!