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The best time to visit Québec City is in the late summer and early fall. In August and September, the temperatures are perfect, the days are still long, and the trees are beginning to take on their glorious autumn colors.

Québec City is located in the heart of French Canada, on the St. Lawrence River, and has a continental climate, with warm summers and extremely cold winters. There are four distinct seasons here. Hot, often humid summers; crisp, cool falls; snowy, icy winters; and cool, often slushy spring conditions.

Québec City is an important cultural center as the provincial capital of Québec, with a lively program of festivals and events year-round. This, combined with the enchanting beauty of Old Québec, means that there are compelling reasons to visit whatever the season.

Visiting Québec City By Season

Best time to visit Quebec City - Château Frontenac

Château Frontenac


June, July, and August are warm and sunny, often with high humidity. August, the beginning of the harvest season, is possibly the best time to go to Québec City if you enjoy warm weather, outdoor activities, and al-fresco dining. Because of the humidity, there will be summer showers, but you can still expect an average of 7.5 hours of sunshine every day.

July is a time for music lovers, as the city hosts the impressive Festival d’Eté de Québec. July is the hottest month, with averages of 67.7°F (19.8°C).


September is the best time to visit Québec City for tasting local produce and making forays out into the countryside for early leaf-peeping. Apple picking is at its peak, as are fall foliage cruises along the St. Lawrence River.

Expect average daily temperatures of 57.8°F (14.3°C) around now, and daily maximums of 69°F (20.3°C). Pack layers for cooler weather, especially if you are planning outdoor activities.

Beautiful view of Saint Lawrence River in the fall

Saint Lawrence River

The fall foliage is usually at its peak in late September and early October, when daily average temperatures drop to a chilly 45.2°F (7.3°C).

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Winters in Québec City are bitterly cold, but in a good way, provided you have the right clothing. The city is transformed by snow into a white wonderland, with tobogganing, ice skating, skiing, snow-shoeing, and hiking all embraced by locals.

This is a time to dress in your thermals and retreat after enjoying the fresh air into a cozy café for hot chocolate. December sees the fewest daylight hours, while January is the coldest month, with average temperatures of 12°F (-11.1°C).


By late March and April, the snow is melting and the days are getting longer. April is peak maple syrup season, with sugar shacks popping up all around the city. The weather really doesn’t warm up until May, though, by which time you can expect daily averages of 53.9°F (12.1°C).

When Is Rainy Season?

Québec City has high precipitation year round; an average winter sees some 10 feet of snow (three meters) falling.

Precipitation falls as snow from November to April. December and January have the most days of snowfall (19 and 17 respectively). July, though, has the highest rainfall, averaging 4.7 inches (120mm), tapering off in August to 4.1 inches (105mm).

When Is High Season?

Street view of Château Frontenac

Château Frontenac

Québec City has two high seasons: the busy summer months of June to September, and January and February, when the city hosts one of the world’s most spectacular winter events, Québec Winter Carnival, which typically takes place in early February. December is busy, too, as Christmas markets spring up all over the city and everything sparkles with festive lights.

June, July, and August are the sunniest months, with around eight hours of sunshine per day on average. In August, days are still blissfully long, with more than 14 hours of daylight.

When Is Shoulder Season?

October, March, and May are regarded as shoulder season months. The fall colors are still beautiful in October, with plenty going on in the city, but temperatures are dropping.

The spring months are still cold, although by May, the city is emerging from its icy winter into a riot of spring color.

When Is Low Season?

November is the lowest season in Québec City. Winter is setting in, the trees have mainly shed their leaves, and the Christmas festivities are yet to begin. April is also a low season month, falling between the best of the snow, which is melting by now, and the real beginning of spring, which comes in May.

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Best time to visit Quebec City - Old Quebec City

Old Quebec City

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