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The best time to visit Charleston, SC is from mid-March through May and from September through November, when temperatures are moderate.

Take advantage of spring and fall’s excellent walking weather to stroll the city’s parks and the waterfront Battery. Depending on the season, immerse yourself in spring blooms and fall colors at the many gardens and plantations.

Because of Charleston’s subtropical climate, the city experiences moderate winters with average temperatures of around 60℉ (16℃). Summer brings beach weather, with highs hovering at 89℉ (32℃).

Visiting Charleston by Season

Houses along the Battery

The Battery


June, July, and August are Charleston’s warmest months, with temperatures peaking in July at 89℉ (32℃). June highs reach 86℉ (30℃), and August highs are 87℉ (31℃).

Charleston experiences the most humidity and therefore, rain in summer, so be prepared for showers. August, the wettest month, averages 5.1 inches (130mm), followed by July with 4.3 inches (109mm).

Locals cool off at Folly Beach, Sullivan’s Island, and other nearby beaches. Water temperatures average a welcoming 79℉ (21℃ ) in June, and up to 83℉ (28℃) in August.


November is one of the best times to visit Charleston. SC. Temperatures average 60℉ (16℃) with lows of 53℉ (12℃) and highs of 68℉ (20℃), and rainfall drops to 2.3 inches (58mm).

Also, by November, Charleston has typically moved beyond storm season, when tropical storms along the east coast can occasionally cause high winds and water surges.

September is still very warm, with temperatures up to a high of 83℉ (28℃) and lows of 71℉ (22℃), with October a few degrees cooler. Visit between late October and early November for the season’s most colorful fall foliage.

Aerial view of The Battery

The Battery


Charleston experiences its coolest temperatures from early December through early March. Occasionally, the temperature dips low enough for snow flurries in late December and early January.

December’s highs reach 62℉ (17 ℃) and lows of 46℉ (5℃). In January, the coldest month, average highs are 59℉ (15 ℃) and lows are 43 ℉ (6℃).

With winter’s relatively mild temperatures, don’t miss the display of 20,000 red, pink, mauve, and white camellias in bloom from mid-November through March at Magnolia Gardens.


In spring, one of the best times to go to Charleston, the city pops into bloom. From mid-March through April, cherry and dogwood blossoms, azaleas, and other flowers brighten the streets and parks.

If you only have one day in Charleston, don’t miss the Magnolia Gardens, one of the south’s premier gardens. You can follow paths to brilliantly colored beds fragrant with honeysuckle, roses, and jasmine.

Magnolia Gardens in spring

Magnolia Gardens

April temperatures range from lows of 58℉ (14℃) to highs of 74℉ (23℃). In May, temperatures can reach a balmy 81℉ (27 ℃).

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When is Rainy Season?

July through September is rainy season in Charleston. July experiences 4.3 inches (109 mm), while August averages 5.1 inches (130 mm). Temperatures and humidity are high in summer, so rain showers can provide refreshing relief.

When is High Season?

Spring and fall are Charleston’s high seasons. Temperatures average a comfortable 66℉ (19℃) in April, while fall brings warm days, low rainfall, and glorious colors. Both periods represent the best time to go to Charleston, SC.

Best time to visit Charleston SC - Downtown


When is Shoulder Season?

With the highest temperatures and humidity, June, July, and August constitute Charleston’s shoulder season. If you don’t mind the heat, this is still a good time to visit. Locals head for the beaches for the cooling breezes and comfortable water temperatures during summer.

When is Low Season?

Traditionally, Charleston’s low season runs from December through February. The city experiences its coolest temperatures and fewest visitors, with the exception of the December holidays.

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