Mexico shore excursions are a fantastic opportunity to explore the country’s rich culture, dazzling landscapes, and exciting cuisine. There are so many choices of exciting excursions, whether you want to swim in cenotes, race across the desert in an ATV, or lie back on sugar-soft sand and sip cocktails in a luxurious atmosphere.

Wildlife lovers will be thrilled by whale-watching expeditions from Cabo San Lucas. As well as breaching humpbacks and gray whales, you could spot manta rays flipping out of the water. A sunset sail will take you past the dramatic rock formations of the Baja coast, including the famous El Arco rock arch, with cocktails and canapés served as the sun sinks in a fiery ball over the western horizon.

If you love snorkeling, Mexico’s Caribbean coast offers limpid aquamarine waters and vibrant coral reefs; join a tour to the Cozumel National Marine Park and drift over the corals in search of lobsters, sea turtles, and shoals of fish in rainbow colors.

Discovering Mexico’s culinary culture is essential to any visit here, and shore excursions offer numerous ways to immerse yourself. In Cozumel, join a chocolate workshop to learn how to make your own cocoa bar and the history of chocolate. Sample delicacies including a chocolate martini and an unusual pairing of chocolate and red wine.

From Cabo San Lucas or Mazatlán, combine the experience of making your own tangy salsa, sampling delicious margaritas, and brushing up your salsa dance moves all in one fun-packed workshop. Join a cooking class in Puerto Vallarta; you’ll shop at the local market for ingredients and then travel to a rustic restaurant in the Sierra Madre mountains to prepare your feast under the guidance of an expert chef. Ensenada is a gateway to the rolling vineyards of the Calafia Valley, where you can sample wines, spirits, and cheeses at two different wineries.

Mexico is rich in history, which a good shore excursion can bring to life, whether you’re interested in the vivid colors of the colonial heart of Old Mazatlán or want to delve further back to the time of the Maya. From Costa Maya, visit a contemporary Mayan village set in the ruins of an ancient settlement, or try a healing ritual with a shaman. Explore the pre-Columbian ruins of Kohunlich or the vast pyramid of Chacchoben, the heart of a 10-acre site partly consumed by rainforest. From Cozumel, take a trip to the 13th-century walled city of Tulum and capture that iconic shot of El Castillo, perched high on a bluff above the sapphire-blue Caribbean.

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