Because we strive to provide you the best vacation possible, Celebrity Cruises cares about making positive changes in the lives of our guests and employees, sustaining the environment, and making the world a better place.


Celebrity Cruises Gains an Environmental Edge


The revolutionary Celebrity Edge is leading the way into a more environmentally friendly future as the first ship of any major cruise line to set sail without plastic water bottles. Edge will also take major steps to reduce energy consumption (and greenhouse gases) by incorporating a cutting-edge Parabolic Ultra Bow designed to slice more efficiently through the water. Edge will also boast reduced emissions and 20% greater energy efficiency than Celebrity’s previous generation of ships.


When it debuts December 2018, Celebrity Edge will transform Celebrity’s approach to environmental responsibility—just as it transforms how guests experience the world. 

Plastic Straw Free in 2019

Celebrity Cruises will be eliminating plastic straws fleetwide, as part of a comprehensive plastic elimination program. For over a year now, our ships have been implementing a “straws upon request” policy. And in 2019, we’ll be taking it one step further, by only offering paper straws as opposed to plastic.

World Wildlife Fund Partnership

Our partnership with World Wildlife Fund is taking our dedication to ocean conservation to new heights.

Environmental Initiatives

We're committed to protecting environmental resources, preventing pollution and improving environmental management.

Community Outreach & Achievement

Keeping our oceans clean doesn't just make good business sense. It's critical to the future of our planet. And you don't have to look far to find examples of our efforts on our ships.

Sustainability Report

Explore our commitment to maintain clean oceans and pristine ecosystems as we sail around the world.


Addresses issues including air emissions, water/energy use, waste management, environmental education and conservation.

Our Crew, the People Behind the Uniforms

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