Kings, Castles, and Crystal Reign on Waterford (Dunmore East) Shore Excursions

An Ireland cruise itinerary that includes a port of call at the great sheltered harbor at Dunmore East, County Waterford, affords you many opportunities to experience the emerald beauty of Ireland’s southeastern coast. Booking Waterford (Dunmore East) shore excursions ensures that your time ashore will be spent thoroughly enjoying Ireland’s many charms.

Get to know the area, its ancient Viking roots, and modern global presence on Waterford (Dunmore East) shore excursions. Take a lively walking tour through the city to the Viking Triangle that represents the historical and cultural heart of the city. The triangle contains three important museums you’ll visit while in port from your cruise to Waterford: Reginald’s Tower that houses the Viking Museum, the Bishop’s Palace Museum, and the Medieval Museum. Each contains items and exhibitions that contributed to Ireland’s development. A separate excursion that shows off one of Ireland’s most beloved products takes you to the House of Waterford Crystal. Tour the exhibitions and the showroom and hear from staff members about the production process that gives the world some of the most prized crystal pieces ever made.

Set off on a Waterford cruise excursion to explore rural Ireland, where you’ll come to understand why Ireland is called The Emerald Isle. Your journey to County Kilkenny takes you along roads lined with blazing green hedgerows that lead to patchworks of lush green fields. As you near Thomastown, you’ll see Jerpoint Abbey in the distance, which is a stone relic from the 12th century with a notable tall tower and many carved tombstones. Stop in Thomastown and Kilkenny to soak in the charms of these rural Irish towns.

Waterford (Dunmore East) shore excursions that let you explore some of the region’s classic Irish castles are a not-to-be-missed treat. On one such excursion, travel to the marvelous Kilkenny Castle that dates back more than 1,500 years to its beginnings as a Norman fortress. Spend time exploring the castle, its drum towers, library, and fabulous regal art gallery. Another excursion will have you traveling the road to Tipperary, Ireland’s dairy-rich region and the home of Ireland’s High Kings. Make a stop at the legendary Rock of Cashel with the impressive Cathedral of St. Patrick at its summit. Walk through the 15th century Vicars Chorus Hall that once housed chorus members. After a leisurely lunch at a local pub, move on to visit Cahir Castle, which is beautifully situated on a rocky island on the River Suir. The castle, one of Ireland’s largest and best preserved, retains its impressive and almost impenetrable defensive structure. The castle had the distinction of being owned by the powerful Butler family until the last lord died in 1961, when the castle reverted to the State.

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