Tributes to History on Nagasaki, Japan Shore Excursions

There are many things to do in Nagasaki from a cruise, and the city has been an international port of call for centuries. Its importance in trade and commerce helped Nagasaki grow during critical periods in its history. Today, Nagasaki, Japan shore excursions highlight its history and pay respect to the bombing of the city in 1945 during World War II.

Nagasaki, Japan shore excursions should include tours of the Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park. Like the city of Hiroshima, Nagasaki built memorials and museums after the World War II attacks as a way to not only ensure their past isn’t forgotten, but to advocate for peace around the globe. Peace Park contains a museum and two parks, and this tranquil space is best for thoughtful reflection and quiet. Pieces of the explosion remain here as well.

For incredible views of Nagasaki, Mount Inasa offers a lookout point that’s pretty hard to beat. Take a car, bus, or rope-operated gondola to the top, where you’ll see the coast and the city illuminated by lights at night.

Nagasaki cruise passengers can take a public tram through the city as the locals do and take in the sites of Nagasaki as you pass. There is a famous Torii gate located near the epicenter of the atomic bomb blast, and it remains standing even though the explosion destroyed half of the gate. Its stability is a modern marvel.

Nagasaki is famous for festivals and annual events that celebrate both the Chinese and European influence on Nagasaki, including Nagasaki Kunchi in October. Traditional dances and performances captivate festival audiences each year.

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