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Discover our all-new Celebrity Private Journeys, unique excursions designed for you. These personalized tours are created by our Destination Insiders so that you can enjoy exclusive settings and special experiences at the most intimate level.

Imagine an indulgent lunch for two at a clifftop restaurant in Santorini with the turquoise bay sparkling below – or zipping out to a hidden reef in St. Maarten for a leisurely day of swimming and snorkeling off a private catamaran. Maybe you'd like a helicopter ride to the world's only seven–star hotel in Dubai for an exclusive champagne and cocktail pairing.

Open a world of discovery with a $100 deposit which will be added to your Private Journeys booking. We invite you to discover Private Journeys with us today.
U.S. and Canada: (844) 571-7851
International: (801) 666-3031 Submit Request Form

Reach out to get started now. Our destination insiders always reply by the next business day.


Meet Our Destination Insiders

Our Destination Insiders are all seasoned travelers with global destination expertise. Their comprehensive travel planning services ensure every detail of your private journey is tailored to your interests, preferences and needs.

Oana Cimpeanu

Oana thrives on creativity. Her passion is helping guests experience vacation moments that go beyond anything they imagined. She is a true citizen of the world who has spent time in nearly every port of call on our ships' itineraries.

Zsofia Sarkadi

Zsofia lives a life of international adventure. Born in Hungary and married to a Greek who works onboard our ships, she splits her time between her homeland, his homeland and cruising the world. She can make personal recommendations for nearly all of our ports.

Carolina Ortiz

Carolina is from Chile, but after more than a decade of working onboard, she lives most of the year in Greece. She has a special affinity for creating wonderful excursions in the Mediterranean, Baltic, Israel and the Caribbean.

Fabian Mendez

With a Hotel & Business Administration background, Fabian has traveled the world for over 20 years and has discovered the world's best-kept secrets. He enjoys crafting private journeys because it creates a unique personal experience guests will never forget.

Jessica Anne Regnier

Jessica is from Indiana in the midwestern United States. She has worked aboard our ships since 2009, exploring our globe's fabulous destinations. Her favorite discoveries have been in South America and the British Isles.

Nataliya Bugaevskaya

Originally from Russia, Nataliya's heart now belongs to the warm oceans of the Caribbean. She also loves exploring Europe when on vacation. After working as a Shore Excursions manager for 11 years, she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with you.

Diego Palaez

Diego felt the pull to travel after working for an international marketing firm in his home country of Colombia. A former business major, he has an eye for opportunity, only now he focuses on creative, new ways to see the world. He loves the Baltic region, Alaska and the Panama Canal.

Sandra Fernandez

Sandra is an enthusiastic travel expert who has worked aboard our ships since 2002. She has sailed to more than 60 countries, naming China and Egypt as her favorites. As a photographer with a fine arts degree, Sandra loves to capture the beauty in distinctive cultures.

Diana Granja

Diana's experience in the hospitality and tourism industry took her to choose life onboard. She has been working with the Shore Excursions Department aboard ships since 2009 and has cruised South America, Panama Canal, Alaska, Caribbean, Canada, New England, The Mediterranean and the Holy Land.

Paz Campos

Originally hailing from Chile, Paz has more than 15 years destination expertise. She has traveled extensively and is eager to design unforgettable adventure for your family. No matter where your travel desires take you, Paz will help you discover the world's most memorable destinations.

Please call to start planning your Private Journey today.
U.S. and Canada: (844) 571-7851
International: (801) 666-3031


Q: How can I contact the Celebrity Private Journey's team? +
A: The Destination Insiders can be contacted either by phone 844-571-7851 (Toll Free U.S. and Canada), 801-666-3031 (International), or visit
Q: What are the hours of operation? +
A: Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time.
Q: Who can book a Celebrity Private Journey? +
A: Only Booked Guests.
Q: How much time in advance should I start arranging my Private Journey? +
A: The earlier the better! Once you've made your cruise reservation, please contact the team to arrange a Celebrity Private Journey. The best is to allow at least 21 days prior to sail date. Please allow one business day for our Destination Insiders to review and process your request before they respond.
Q: What is the cancellation policy? +
A: Because these are special arrangements made exclusively for you, Celebrity Private Journeys are non refundable at 21 days prior to the departure date.
Q: Will the ship wait for me if my tour is late? +
A: Yes, when you book a Private Journey with Celebrity Cruises, we guarantee that if your tour is delayed, the ship will wait for you. In the unlikely event that your tour is significantly delayed, and the ship cannot wait, we will make all the arrangements for you to return to the ship at no expense to you.
Q: Are Private Journeys offered by insured Tour Operators? +
A: Yes. Our Private Journeys are planned by insured tour operators who act as independent contractors and adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry.
Q: Do I receive a refund if the ship misses the port? +
A: Yes, full refund will be applied for the private tour. Pre-reserved tickets for special events, where the ticket is non-refundable (for ex. Edinburgh Tattoo, British Open, etc.) could be exempted from refund rule.
Q: Can you provide accessible transportation? +
A: Any accessible needs should be directed to the experts on our Accessibility team at

Unless otherwise noted, Private Journeys do not include gratuities or any other applicable incidental charges. A $100 USD non-refundable deposit is required for all Private Journey bookings that will be applied to your customized excursions program. Quote will be provided in the currency of the cruise booking. Private Journeys are non-refundable as of 21 days prior to sailing. ©2016 Celebrity Cruises, Inc. Ships' Registry: Malta and Ecuador.

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