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With five exclusive membership tiers, our new Blue Chip Club rewards you like never before. Enjoy an array of benefits from ship to shore, including dedicated Concierge service, free play in Fortunes Casino, complimentary specialty dining, and much more.*


Simply insert or present your SeaPass® as you play. You'll earn Tier Points that qualify you for higher membership tiers and greater benefi ts, as well as Redeemable Points you can use toward free casino play and virtually any purchases on board.*

Earn 1 Tier Point for every:

  • $1 wagered on slots
  • $2 wagered on video poker
  • $8 wagered on table games
Blue Chip Club
Pearl Benefit IconOnyx Benefit IconAmethyst Benefit IconSapphire Benfit IconRuby Benefit Icon
Tier Points to qualify12,50025,000100,0001,000,000
Redeem points for free casino play
Invitations to casino-only events
Waived credit card cash advance fee 
Priority embarkation  
newFree casino play per sailing  $175$1,000$5,000
newXcelerate℠ high-speed internet  60 minutes1 free2 free
newBeverage packages  Standard*ClassicPremium
newSpecialty restaurants (dinner for 2)  
newAnnual cruise benefit  
newFriends & family cruise discounts   20% off20% off
newPriority debarkation   
newMichael's Club exclusive lounge   
newLaundry credit   $50$100
newVIP tender tickets   
newShore-side concierge service   
newStateroom amenities/welcome gift   
newSpa credit   $100$250
newPrepaid tips included    

*Casino only


Q: What benefits does the Blue Chip Club offer? +
A: The Blue Chip Club offers a variety of benefits, from personal land-based services to assist you with any of your bookings to benefits on board, including free slot play/table promo chips, the ability to use your valuable earned casino points, and more—based on your earned tier.
Q: How long is my tier benefit valid for? +
A: Your earned tier is valid for any sailings you take between April 2017 and June 2018. Should you earn enough tier points during the March 2017 and June 2018 period, your new earned tier benefit will continue for another 18 months (through December 2019).
Q: How will the ship know what tier I am in upon boarding? +
A: Your earned tier will be printed on your SeaPass® card directly under your Captains Club tier.
Q: What if I cannot visit during the review period? Will I be downgraded? +
A: Unfortunately, yes. Tier assignment is based on gaming in the Fortunes Casino over the review period (January 2017 – June 2018). We will review special circumstances out of your control that may affect your ability to sail on a case-by-case basis.
Q: Where can I check my tier? +
A: We are launching a website where you can check your tier near the end of 2017. In the interim we will be happy to assist you by emailing the Blue Chip Club Office or calling 1-866-461-7170 Monday thru Friday from 9AM – 7PM EST.
Q: How do I get into higher tiers? +
A: Earning more tier points will qualify you for upgrade to a new tier. Just make sure you properly insert your SeaPass® card into a slot machine card reader or present it to a table games employee to get rated.
Q: Can I use my tier benefits on any ship in the Celebrity Fleet? +
A: Yes, except on Galapagos sailings. Your sailing benefits are on a 'per sailing' basis meaning the more you sail with us the more often you will be able to use your benefits.
Q: What if I play enough to earn a higher tier during a sailing? +
A: Onboard benefits are available at the start of every sailing so any new earned benefits will be available on your next sailing.
Q: How do I check my tier points during a sailing? +
A: The casino staff will be happy to assist you in letting you know how many tier points you have earned and how many will need to be earned to reach a higher tier.
Q: How do I use my redeemable points? +
A: During casino operating hours simply visit the Casino Cage for any and all point redemptions.
Q: What is a tier point? +
A: Tier points are used to calculate what tier you qualify for and accumulate over the length of the loyalty program. The more tier points accumulated, the higher the tier level and the more per-sailing benefits.
Q: How do I earn a tier point? +
A: Tier points are earned when gaming: 1 tier point is earned for $1 wagered on a slot machine; $2 wagered on a video poker machine; or for every $8 in table games play regardless of game type. Remember to insert your SeaPass® card into any slot machine card reader or present your card to your table games team member to be rated and earn tier points.
Q: How do I earn a redeemable point? +
A: Earning a redeemable point has never been easier. Simply insert your SeaPass® card into any slot machine card reader or present your card to your table games team member to be rated. 1 point is awarded for every $5 wagered on a slot machine and $10 on a video poker machine.
Q: Where am I able to redeem my points? +
A: Redeemable points can be used to convert to free slot play, promo chips, or can be used for other goods and services onboard including the retail shops, food and beverage locations, or the Canyon Ranch SpaClub®.
Q: Can I save my redeemable points for future sailings? Do they expire? +
A: We encourage you to use every point earned on each sailing to get the most out of your experience as unused points expire at the end of each sailing.
Q: Can I use my points for free slot play or table promo chips? +
A: You sure can. Earned redeemable points can be used to convert to free slot play or promo chips.
Q: How much are my points worth? +
A: 50 earned points equates to $1 in spendable dollars onboard.
Q: How do I redeem my annual cruise benefit? +
A: Your Annual Cruise Benefit(s) will be periodically sent to you via email or direct mail throughout the year.
Q: I am 'Sapphire' tier and my wife is 'Pearl' tier. Do we both receive the tier benefits or just one of us? +
A: Each guest is viewed independently meaning you both receive benefits based on your individual earned tiers.
Q: Do I still earn a rebate incentive? +
A: With all the great new benefits we have rolled out, the rebate incentive will no longer be available to earn, but any benefit earned prior to April 2017 will be honored. Keep a look out for many more onboard promotions and tournaments that we will be adding to the calendar.
Q: Are there reciprocal benefits with Captains Club, Crown & Anchor, Casino Royale? +
A: Currently there are no reciprocal benefits but we’re considering instituting them in the future.
Q: Do I earn comps in addition to my tier benefits? +
A: Absolutely! Discretionary comps will continue to be issued by the casino staff based on that sailing's gaming action. The tier benefits are in addition to anything you earn onboard.
Q: How do I redeem the onboard benefits? +
A: All your onboard benefits are automatically added to your guest folio for immediate use as soon as you embark.
Q: Do I need to be on the same sailing for my friends to use the 'Friends and Family' discount? +
A: Yes, the Friends and Family discount is only valid for your friends and family on a sailing they join you on.
Q: Who do I contact for more information? +
A: Feel free to email the Blue Chip Club office or call 1-866-461-7170 Monday thru Friday from 9AM – 7PM EST. We're here to answer any questions you may have and are happy to assist.

*Based on gaming and tier. All benefits for account holder only. Subject to availability. Additional restrictions may apply. Benefits are not transferrable. Management reserves all rights to suspend, withhold, or cancel loyalty program at any time. Reel & Video Slot Machines: $1 Coin-in = 1 Tier Point. Video Poker and Video Roulette: $2 Coin-in = 1 Tier Point. Table Games: $8 Table Theoretical = 1 Tier Point. Call Blue Chip Club for full details at 1-866-461-7170 or visit

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