CelebrityLife Activities

Relax, you don't have to try all the different activities we offer

CelebrityLifeSM Activities. Suddenly there aren't enough hours in the day.

From morning until night, there are literally hundreds of different activities happening on a Celebrity cruise ship.

So how do you find out about them? And more importantly, which ones would be right for you?

We've divided them into different categories-Taste, Learn, Revive and Play.

With everyone so busy in everyday life, it's not always possible to enjoy the things you love to do. During a cruise is the perfect time.

Consider yourself a foodie? Or love to become more of a wine connoisseur? We have so many activities that will satisfy your passion.


You're on a cruise to relax, but there's no better time to learn something new than when you really have the time to devote to it.


Many people use vacations, and particularly cruises, to rejuvenate themselves. We have a lot of different ways for you to do just that.


Now for the fun stuff and these are just a few examples. Lawn games at the Lawn Club. Casino tournaments. And pool volleyball.