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Ready. Set. Sizzle


Taste buds tingling? Our exclusive Top Chef at Sea program sharpens your skills and invigorates your palate with delicious culinary experiences on most of our sailings.* We've partnered with Bravo and its Emmy® Award-winning TV show, Top Chef, to bring you this tantalizing experience. Quickfire Challenges toss you into the spotlight—if you dare—and Top Chef Night in the main restaurant treats you to dishes conceived by popular cheftestants from the show. You'll be in foodie heaven from appetizer to dessert. 

Quickfire Challenges

Step up to the Quickfire Challenge, just like the cheftestants on Top Chef. Prove your culinary skills alongside fellow guests in a series of contests, such as entrée preparation with one of Celebrity's chefs. The experience will thrill your inner cheftestant.*

Top Chef Night

Taste the genius of Top Chef on almost all of our sailings. Top Chef Night in the main restaurant features delicious appetizers, soups, salads, entrées, and desserts created by your favorite cheftestants and made famous by the popular Bravo TV show.*

Download recipes from our 2016 Top Chef Signature Sailing

Contact your travel agent, or call us at 1-877-812-4739

*Excludes Galapagos sailings and sailings four nights or less.

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