Deganit Nuur

You’ll hear her infectious laugh before you see her and you’ll feel her warmth and pride in you long after you meet with her. Dr. Deganit Nuur is a world renowned spiritual teacher, celebrity clairvoyant intuitive, acupuncturist, herbalist, writer and speaker.
Her work has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Forbes, Vanity Fair, Vogue and The New York Times to name a few.
Not your run-of-the-mill spiritual healer, her intuition is spot-on and you might not see it coming. Nuur’s personality is so easygoing and bubbly, it at first feels like you’re settling in for a light chat...and then, BOOM, she hits you with hard truths and universal wisdom that runs so deep it may take you weeks to fully process it. Enroll in the Nuurvana Mentorship Program or nu it school and you’ll learn why Deganit was named a “Top 15 Intuitive Worldwide” by Gwyneth Paltrow’s publication, goop.
With over 22,000 clairvoyant healing sessions under her belt, she has devoted the past 15 years to guiding thousands of clients and students from all walks of life to find their peace and purpose through her wildly popular digital courses, prolific writing, transcendental mentorship program, coveted retreats and inspirational events.
These days, Nuur offers sessions exclusively as a Resident Healer at the Spa at the Four Seasons in both downtown NYC and Beverly Hills, LA where she loves being the spiritual backbone to thought leaders, impact creators, healers, celebrities and activists alike.
Embodied in her mission “Be Light,” Nuur believes your light is a blessing to our world, including yourself! She’s seen the ripple effect of this work first-hand over and over again and walks her talk in full conviction that world peace starts with inner peace.
She is also mother to the honorable Bentley Fortissimus Jaymes, an intergalactic wizard disguised as an adorable lapdog. You won’t catch Nuur without a small bottle of bubbles and Bentley in tow as she travels the earth and astral planes spreading light.