About Guest Account

What is Guest Account?

What is required to create a Guest Account?

What if I already have a My Celebrity account?

What are the benefits of the new Guest Account?

What information can I access in my Guest Account?

Do I need an email address to create a Guest Account?

Do I have to have a Guest Account if I do not already have a My Celebrity account?

Where do I update my mailing address?

Captain’s Club Loyalty Program within Guest Account

Why are my Captain’s Club account number, points, or status not showing in my Guest Account dashboard?

Why am I not able to manually link my Captain’s Club account to my Guest Account?

Where can I see my past cruises?

Why can’t I see all of my past cruises?

What if I also have a loyalty account for Royal Caribbean International?

Guest Account Password/Login Issues

I can’t reset my password using the security question and answer, or email link.

Are security question answers case sensitive?

When I try to log on, I receive an “invalid credentials” message. Why?

Additional Guest Account Questions

How can I add a booking to my account?

Why does my reservation number not display a booking?

Who can I call for additional assistance?

Before You Board

For international travel, what do I need to know about Visas?

What do I need to know about health and inoculations when traveling?

What do I need to do if I’m traveling with a minor and I am not their parent or legal guardian?

What is Celebrity Cruises' Guest Conduct Policy ?

What is Celebrity Cruises’ Smoking Policy?

What is Celebrity Cruises’ Alcohol Policy?

What items are prohibited onboard a Celebrity Cruises cruise ship?

What are some of Celebrity’s health policies and recommendations?

How does Celebrity help support the environment?

What are the age policies for venues on board?

What happens if a guest doesn’t follow Celebrity’s Guest Conduct Policy?

What documents do I need when boarding a ship in the U.S. that travels out of the U.S?

How does Celebrity CruiseCare insurance work?

What Not to Pack?

What is DineAware ?

What is Celebrity Cruises’ Guest Drone Policy?

Cancellation Policy

What is Celebrity's cruise or Cruisetour cancellation and refund policy?

Is cruise/vacation cancellation protection available?

How can I request a refund?

Travel Documents

What documents will I need to travel?

Cruise Ticket Contract

What are the terms of the cruise ticket contract?

Are there any terms and conditions that apply to my purchase of and participation in a shore excursion?

Flights by Celebrity

What is Flights by Celebrity?

Why choose Flights by Celebrity?

How do I use Flights by Celebrity?

When can I book Flights by Celebrity?

Can I request my airline seats?

Will I accumulate miles if I’m an airline loyalty member?

I am travelling with an infant, do they need a ticket?

Can I check in for my flights online?

Do you offer travel insurance?

Is Flights by Celebrity available to all residents?

Will there be a service fee for using Flights by Celebrity to book my air?

Flights by Celebrity Fare Options

What type of air fares do you offer?

Why don’t I see basic economy fare options on my preferred airline?

What happens if I find a cheaper fare somewhere else?

Flights by Celebrity Itinerary Changes

Can I change my flights?

Can I cancel my flight?

What is your refund policy?

Why were my flights changed?

What happens when my flight is delayed?

Pay Later

Are all our fares refundable?

If I select a refundable fare, when is payment due?

How come when I select a refundable fare, I am being asked for credit card details?

How will I know that my flights have been confirmed without providing credit card details?

I have purchased one of these fares and I need to make a change, how will this be handled?

Are these fares fully refundable?

Is Pay Later available to all residents?

Accessible Shore Excursions

Who can book the accessible shore excursions?

How are the accessible shore excursions different from other regular shore excursions?

How large are the groups for the accessible shore excursions?

What type of vehicles are used for the accessible shore excursions?

How can the guide assist me with my mobility needs?

How do I make sure my mobility equipment won’t be too big or too heavy for the excursion?

Can I take my scooter on tours?

In which destinations can I book accessible shore excursions?

When should I book my accessible shore excursion?

Luggage Tags

Are bag tags still available for guests who prefer to receive them prior to traveling to the ship?

If a guest chooses to opt-out of the electronic bag tag, what are their options?

Online Check-In

How do I check in online?

Reservation & Transfers

Can I transfer my reservation to a travel agent if I purchased my cruise directly from Celebrity Cruises?

Celebrity Cruises® App Experience

What is the Celebrity Cruises app? Who can use it?

How much does the Celebrity Cruises app cost?

When can I download the Celebrity Cruises app?

How do I download the Celebrity Cruises app and log in pre-cruise?

How do I download the Celebrity Cruises® app onboard?

Do I have to purchase an Internet package to use the Celebrity Cruises app onboard?

Can I use the same login to access my Guest Account on the Celebrity Cruises app and website?

What do I do if I am locked out of my account?

Do I need to have a reservation for an upcoming cruise to use the Celebrity Cruises app?

What reservations and purchases can I make with the Celebrity Cruises app before my cruise?

Is the Celebrity Cruises app available for all ships?

Do I need to have an internet package to use the Celebrity Cruises app onboard? How do I connect to the ship Wi-Fi?

Can I modify reservations or pre-cruise purchases with the Celebrity Cruises app?

Will my existing reservations be reflected on the app?

Where can I find information on a certain voyage day’s information and activities?

Do you have deck maps on the app?

Can I chat with my family and other guests on the app?

Can I find visa requirements for my cruise on the Celebrity Cruises app?

If I don’t know my loyalty number, can I look it up in the Celebrity Cruises app?

Celebrity Cruises® App Check-In

How do I check in for my cruise?

Do I need an account to check in?

If I check in online can I view my Xpress Pass on the mobile app?

Can I add my boarding pass to Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay, or Google Wallet?

Can more than one guest check in at a time on the Celebrity Cruises app?

How do I check in children on another reservation using the Celebrity Cruises app?

What languages are available for check-in?

How far in advance can I check in on the Celebrity cruises app?

How do I change my onboard expense account payment method?

When can I check in with the Celebrity Cruises app? Is there a difference if I checked in via the website?

Do I have an option to upload a photo from my mobile device in addition to taking a photo?

Are there any specifications/restrictions/requirements for the type of picture I can take when I check in on the app?

What do I have to know about scanning my passport during mobile app check-in?

Can any guest check in on the app, regardless of travel document requirements?

How do I know which fields are mandatory when checking in on the app?

At the Terminal

How do I know when to get to the terminal?

What happens if my battery dies on my mobile device at the pier so I can't access my Xpress Pass?


Where Are The Galapagos Islands?

What Is Included In The 7-Night Cruise Itineraries?

What Is Not Included In The 7-Night Cruise Itineraries?

What Is Included In The 10-Night Or Longer Cruisetour Packages?

What Is Not Included In The 10-Night Or Longer Cruisetour Packages?

Are There Any Luggage Restrictions?

What Documents Do I Need To Sail?

Are There Any Medical Documents Necessary Or Restrictions Before Sailing?

Are There Accommodations For Persons With Special Medical Needs On Board The Ships And Throughout The Galapagos Experience?

Are There Shops On Board?

What Is The Currency In Ecuador And Peru?

What Does One Pack When Visiting Some Of The Most Unique, Unspoiled Islands In The World?

What Is The Weather Like In The Galapagos Islands?

Is There Wi-Fi Onboard?

What Is The Onboard Smoking Policy?

What Are The Payment And Cancellation Schedules For Our Celebrity Galapagos Trip?

What Is Flights By Celebrity?

What Protection Is Provided When I Purchase Flights Through Flights By Celebrity?

Is Cancellation Coverage Available?

Will Guests Need Extra Insurance?

Is There Any Baggage Protection?

How Many Islands Make Up The Galapagos?

Do You Use Certified Guides And Naturalists?

How Many Visitors Travel To The Galapagos Each Year?

What Time Zone Is The Galapagos In?

How Do We Get From The Ship To The Shore?

Will There Be Rough Seas Or Bad Weather?

What Kind Of Animals Will I Encounter On My Galapagos Expedition?

Will Laundry Service Be Available Onboard?

What Is The Difference Between The Itineraries?

What Are The Captain's Club Benefits In The Galapagos?

How Can I Share Comments Or Feedback Regarding My Cruise Experience With You?

The Spa

What are the hours of operation for The Spa?

Can I request a male or female therapist at The Spa?

Is there an age restriction for The Spa?

Is there an age restriction for the SEA Thermal Suite or Persian Garden?

Is there an age restriction for the Fitness Center?

Is there an age restriction for the Solarium Pool located near The Spa?

What are the requirements for a teen to take a massage service?

What items are provided for guests using the SEA Thermal Suite? Robes/Slippers/shower caps/etc.?

Is there a cover charge for the the Spa Café?

What are the ADA accommodations for The Spa and Fitness Center?

Are there any group discounts for services in The Spa or Fitness Center?

Are there any health restrictions to the SEA Thermal Suite or Persian Garden?

Do any of the Suites receive complimentary access to the SEA Thermal suite or Persian Garden– i.e. Iconic or Edge Villas?

Reservations for The Spa

How will guests be able to reserve appointments pre-cruise?

How far in advance can I reserve pre-cruise?

Can I use promotional OBC (On-Board Credit) for pre-cruise purchases for The Spa?

How will port pricing be applied to my services?

Do I need to add a tip to my service(s)?

In what currency will I be charged?

How should I prepare for my service?

Will I need to inform someone if I have a medical condition?

What special assistance do you provide for disabled guests, and how can I request special services?

Spa and Salon Services

What are the treatments available at The Spa?

What specialty treatments are available at The Spa?

What are the treatments available exclusively onboard Celebrity Edge® and Celebrity Apex®?

Are there any multiple treatment packages available?

What are the hours of operation for the Fitness Center?

Are there bottle refilling stations in the Fitness Center?

Are there any complimentary activities/venues in The Spa or the Fitness Center?

Which activities require a fee to participate in the Fitness Center?

Is there a full list of activities available for the Fitness Center?

What other services are available at the Fitness Center?


What amenities/venues does Celebrity provide for AquaClass® guests?

Captain’s Club Benefits

What are the current Captain’s Club benefits on Millennium Series & Solstice Series Ships?

What are the current Captain’s Club benefits on Edge Series Ships?

Gratuity Program

What is Celebrity’s automatic gratuity program?

Drink Packages

What is the Celebrity Cruises Drink Package?

How do I purchase a Celebrity Cruises Drink Package?

What Drink Packages are available on Celebrity Cruises?

What is the Classic Drink Package?

What happens if I have the Classic Drink Package and the beverage I would like is more than $10?

What is the Premium Drink Package?

What happens if I have the Premium Drink Package and the beverage I would like is more than $17?

What is the Zero Proof Package (previously the Premium Non-Alcoholic Package)?

Can I order multiple drinks at a time with the Celebrity Cruises Drink Package?

Are gratuities included in the Celebrity Cruises Drink Package cost?

How do I cancel my Celebrity Cruises Drink Package?

How am I identified as having purchased a Drink Package?

Are Drink Packages available on all sailings?

How much do drinks cost?

Does everyone in one stateroom need to buy a drink package?

My travel partner is pregnant/recovering alcoholic/medical issue that does not allow them to drink, do I have to purchase for them?

Is there a daily limit for drinks with any of the Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages?

How many drinks can I order at a time with a Drink Package?

Can I use my Drink Packages when I get on board my cruise?

Are Drink Packages available fleetwide?

Can I use my Drink Package at Labadee or CocoCay?

Does everyone in the stateroom need to purchase the same drink package, including upgrades? 

Onboard Casinos

Can I use my SeaPass® card? How much can I withdraw?

What are the hours of operation?

What are the age requirements?

Is smoking allowed?

How do I learn about gaming tournaments?

What is the minimum bet?

Can table limits be increased?

Do you offer lessons?

Can onboard credit be used in casinos?

Is there a transaction fee in the casinos?

What currency is used?

Is my play tracked?

How do I apply for a line of credit?

Could I take my winnings in a form of a check?

Can I retain my Slot ticket for my next cruise?

Blue Chip Club Tier Basics

What benefits does the Blue Chip Club offer?

How long is my tier benefit valid for?

How will the ship know what tier I am in upon boarding?

What if I cannot visit during the review period? Will I be downgraded?

Where can I check my tier?

How do I get into higher tiers?

Can I use my tier benefits on any ship in the Celebrity Fleet?

Blue Chip Club Points

What is a tier point?

How do I earn a ‘Tier Point’?

What is a ‘Redeemable Point’?

How do I earn a redeemable point?

How much are my points worth?

Where am I able to redeem my points?

Can I save my redeemable points for future sailings? Do they expire?

Other Questions About Blue Chip Club

How do I redeem my annual cruise benefit?

I am in the ‘Sapphire’ tier and my wife is ‘Pearl’, do we both receive the tier benefits or just one of us?

What is included in the Casino Beverage package?

What is my per-sailing free play/table promo chip incentive?

How does the ‘Casino Host Event’ work? (Ruby & Sapphire guests only)

Are there reciprocal benefits with Captains Club, Crown & Anchor or Casino Royale?

Do I earn comps in addition to my tier benefits?

How do I redeem the on-board benefits?

Who do I contact for more information?

Blue Chip Club Benefits

What if I play enough to earn a higher tier during a sailing?

How do I check my tier points during a sailing?

How do I use my redeemable points?

How long are my tier benefits valid for?

Onboard Dress Code

What is the onboard dress code?

Onboard Security

What security measures are in place onboard?

What is the safety & security onboard?

My bag wasn’t delivered to my stateroom because it was held by security, is this a normal process?

How do I collect items that were confiscated during the luggage security screening process on embarkation day?

Wi-Fi Onboard

Is there Wi-Fi onboard?

Can I upgrade my Basic Wi-Fi included plan to a Premium Wi-Fi plan?

Ship Contact Info

How do I contact a friend or family member aboard a Celebrity cruise ship?

Laundry Services

Laundry Services


Pressing Only

Can I have a load of laundry done on board?

Captain's Club

What is Captain's Club and how do I join?

Does Captain’s Club offer reciprocity with Royal Caribbean Cruises International?

Where can I view my Captain’s Club points and status?

How do I get Club Points that have not posted to my Captain’s Club membership?

How are Club Points calculated?

Comments or Feedback

How can I share comments or feedback regarding my cruise experience with you?

Lost and Found

I left a personal item onboard the ship. Is there a Lost & Found department I can contact?

Onboard Purchases

Can I still purchase photos taken on my sailing's Cruise in Review video post-cruise?

I have a question or concern regarding a purchase made during my sailing. Who can I contact?

Will holds be placed on my credit card when I create an onboard account?

SeaPass® Account Statement

How can I get a copy of my SeaPass® account statement?

Cruise Photo

My family is traveling in multiple staterooms. Can I link multiple staterooms under one photo package?

How many printed photos will I receive if I order the "All Your Digital Photos + Prints" package?

How many photos can I expect to receive with an unlimited photo package?

We are celebrating a special event onboard. Can we book a private photographer to capture a group photo or event?

Are VAT refund receipts provided for qualifying guests that reside outside of the European Union?

Post-Cruise Photo Downloads

What is the Photo Cloud download service?

Do I have to register pre-cruise for photo cloud?

What are the advantages of downloading photos on the Cloud?

Does this change how I view my photos during my voyage?

Will I be able to buy individual photos, packages or both?

When will my photos be ready for viewing?

What if I don’t see all of my photos when I get home?

Can I make additional purchases after the voyage?

What if I want to change my selection of purchased photos?

How long will my photos be available for viewing?

How does this impact my Loyalty Program discounts?

Does the Cloud download process impact images purchased at the Private Studio*?

Photo Books

How do I build my photobook?

How many pages are in a Photo Book?

When will my photobook be delivered?

The Retreat®

What’s included in The Retreat experience?

Luminae at The Retreat

What is Luminae at The Retreat?

What are the dining times for Luminae?

Can children dine at Luminae?

Can guests of The Retreat invite friends and family to dine in Luminae?

Is Specialty Dining included for guests of The Retreat?

The Retreat Lounge

What is The Retreat Lounge*?

When is The Retreat Lounge open?

What services are available in The Retreat Lounge?

Can children experience The Retreat Lounge?

Can guests of The Retreat invite friends and/or family members to The Retreat Lounge?

The Retreat Sundeck*

What is the Retreat Sundeck?

When is The Retreat Sundeck open?

What services are available in The Retreat Sundeck?

Can children experience The Retreat Sundeck?

Can guests of The Retreat invite friends to The Retreat Sundeck?

Can guests staying in a stateroom that adjoins to a suite access The Retreat?

The Retreat Concierge

What is The Retreat Concierge?


Is the Retreat Accessible?

Is smoking allowed at The Retreat?

How many Captain’s Club points will I receive when purchasing a Suite on Celebrity Cruises?

All Included

What is All Included?

Will there be Refundable and Non-Refundable Fares for All Included?

Do the Non-Refundable Fares apply to new bookings made inside final payment?

Will All Included apply to all stateroom categories?

Will the All Included package prices change with currency fluctuations?

Is The Retreat® Onboard Credit (OBC) a set amount or does it vary by sailing?

Which itineraries are applicable for All Included?

Can guests request a non-alcoholic drinks package if an individual guest does not drink alcohol or is under the legal drinking age?

Do I need to tip onboard for beverages if I have All Included?

How can I upgrade from the classic drink package to the premium drink package if I have booked All Included?

Will Single guests be charged double the supplement, if so, will the extra amount be refunded later?

Will additional guests in the same stateroom receive Wi-Fi packages?

What is the difference between Premium Wi-Fi and Basic Wi-Fi?

Can I upgrade my Basic Wi-Fi plan to a Premium Wi-Fi plan? 

Will guests who booked onboard be allowed to convert their booking to All Included and keep their onboard booking benefit?

Does the Best Price Guarantee still apply?

How many back-to-back cruises can be booked?

Will All Included be combinable with the “Move Up” program?

Will we be offering All Included on new deployment when it opens?

Are charter sailings include in the new All Included pricing?

Camp at Sea Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age for infants on board?

Is there a special children’s menu?

What are the hours of the children’s facilities?

Are kids’ programs offered while the ship is in port?

Are there any age restrictions for kids’ programs?

Are there any restrictions governing when children can come and go on their own?

Are changing tables provided in public bathrooms?

Accessible Staterooms

Do you require proof of disability to reserve an accessible stateroom?

Do you offer accessible cruises in the Galapagos?


What kind of assistance do you provide?

Do you provide priority boarding?

Do you offer accessible transfers?

Assistive Devices

Do you provide wheelchairs or scooters? 

Can I bring my own assistive devices with me? 

Must I store my assistive device in my stateroom?

Can my assistive device fit through the stateroom door?

Can I bring a CPAP or BIPAP machine?

Complaint Resolution Official (CRO)

What are CROs?


Do you offer accessible Cruisetours in Alaska?

What about other Cruisetours?


What if I need to eat at a certain time due to my diet and/or medication?

What if my desired dining time is closed?

Specialty Dining

What is the Celebrity Cruises Specialty Dining Package?

How do I purchase Specialty Dining & Specialty Dining Packages?

Are gratuities included in the Specialty Dining price?

How do I cancel my Specialty Dining Package?

Are Specialty Dining Covers and Specialty Dining Packages available on all sailings?

How much do Specialty Dining Covers cost?

How does the Specialty Dining Package work with À la carte restaurants (Sushi on Five, Raw on 5)?

Can I use my Specialty Dining Package the evening of embarkation day?

Will my Captain's Club specialty dining coupons still be valid to use onboard?

Hearing Disabilities

Do you provide tactile interpreters?

Planning Ahead

Can I travel alone?

Service Dogs

Do you accept service dogs?

Can I bring dog food on board?

What health paperwork is required for service dogs? 


What is your tender policy?

Visual Disabilities

Do you provide braille formatted material?

What is a Qualified Reader?


What does the latest tier of the RCL CARES® program entail with the acquisition of Silver Endeavour?

Room Service

Does Celebrity Cruises offer room service?


What is Affirm?

Perfect Day at CocoCay

Why is Celebrity Cruises visiting Perfect Day at CocoCay?

What is Perfect Day at CocoCay?

What kind of activities will I find at CocoCay?

What should I pack for a day at CocoCay?

How easy is it to get around and walk from one area to the next?

Does CocoCay have Wi-Fi?

I’d like my day at CocoCay to reflect the level of luxury I enjoy in The Retreat on board. Is this possible?

Can I make advance reservations for any of the facilities at CocoCay?

What kind of bars and restaurants can I expect at CocoCay?

How do I pay for the different experiences at CocoCay?

Will my All Included package be valid at CocoCay when I am ashore?

What facilities are there for children and teens at CocoCay?

Is there an adults-only space at CocoCay?

Are there designated smoking areas on Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Are cabanas, beach chairs, and umbrellas available at CocoCay?

How can I find ships and itineraries that visit Perfect Day at CocoCay? 

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