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On your cruise to Suva, capital of Fiji, you'll discover a mix of 21st-century architecture, Art Deco gems, and 19th-century British colonial buildings. Although Suva is built on a peninsula, surrounded by ocean, this part of Viti Levu, one of more than 330 Fijian islands, is more mangrove than beach.

Suva offers several pleasant parks and gardens near the port. Ratu Sukuna Park offers pretty views of the harbor. Next door is Suva Civic Center, an arts and cultural venue.

Historic Albert Park, on coastal Victoria Parade, was the site of the first-ever airplane to land in Fiji. Next door, Thurston Gardens displays botanical specimens in several greenhouses and hiking trails. It's also the site of the Fiji Museum, with archaeological materials going back 3,700 years and cultural objects representing indigenous inhabitants and immigrant communities.

Ten minutes up the hills from Suva, serene Colo-i-Suva Forest Park lures residents and guests with clear river waters amid a spectacular rainforest, making it perfect for a cool dip, a bit of bird watching, and a picnic in the shade, with temperatures cooler than the city. The natural beauty will soothe your soul.

A hub of entertainment for Oceania, Fiji hosts regional sports and activities in several multipurpose venues. Check Vodafone Arena, ANZ National Stadium, and Albert Park.

When it's time to shop for mementos of your Suva cruise, look for Cumming Street, blocks from the port. Colorful colonial buildings feel like you're stepping back in time. Hungry? Along Victoria Parade, you'll find cafés and restaurants, from Italian and pizza, to Indian and Japanese, to steaks and seafood.

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Pure Fiji Spa

Get pampered at Pure Fiji spa, owned by the Pure Fiji cosmetics company, known for incorporating local ingredients—such as coconut oil, dilo-tree nuts, and passionflowers—into its hair and skin-care products. Treatments range from coconut-sugar rubs and warm seashell massages and dilo-nut-butter wraps with banana leaves.

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