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Seoul (Incheon), South Korea: Incheon is South Korea’s third-largest metropolis and the largest seaport on the west coast. This capital city is a mix of modern skyscrapers, sophisticated complexes (like the 1988 Olympic Games complex), ancient royal palaces, ornate Buddhist temples and tranquil gardens. A Seoul cruise offers memorable experiences such as watching the sunset over the ocean from Janghang Skywalk, wiggling your toes in fine, silver sand of Sangju, sitting on the rocks along the shore, sport fishing for the day and being dazzled by red and blue silk-covered lanterns lighting up the trees at night. Hike to either the top of Bukhan Mountain or Namsan Mountain, where you’ll enjoy 360-degree views of downtown Seoul. The city is also brimming with great dining options, from five-star Asian cuisine to grab-and-go at the famous Gwangjang Market. Then head over to Dongdaemun Market for amazing keepsakes and souvenirs, like silks, leathers, and fashion accessories.

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