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Journey to a casual and cosmopolitan French colonial city of turquoise water and white-sand beaches. Nouméa offers world-class beaches, incredible snorkeling and diving opportunities, and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for shopping, sitting at a seaside café, or strolling. Called the French Riviera of the Pacific, Nouméa boasts lovely French seaside restaurants, boutiques selling the finest Parisian designs, and streets lined with French colonial architecture. Nouméa’s cuisine reflects the city’s French roots. French flavors, fresh seafood, and local specialties such as Bougna (a Melanesian dish of seafood, chicken, and local produce) and mangrove oysters are all on the menu at Nouméa. Visit the Place des Cocotiers, where you can explore local artisanal goods, fashion, and taste delicious homemade specialties. Journey to the summit of Ouen Toro Hill for incredible views of the bay and city below. Explore the city’s rich colonial and World War II history at key landmarks and museums which feature World War relics and Melanesian art. Visit Nouméa’s aquarium, where you can view endangered sea turtles, or plunge into Nouméa’s wildlife-rich water and see a beautiful coral reef. 

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Le 1881

If you’re looking for a romantic lunch, request a table in the overwater bungalow at Le 1881. Feast on such dishes as freshly shucked oysters, foie gras, grilled mahimahi, and roast duck. The views of the sea almost rival the meal.

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