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Discover the essence of a culture through an array of unique tasting experiences that introduce you to the traditional flavors and authentic cuisine of each destination.

The Basket of Plenty (Tauranga, New Zealand)

Experience The Bay of Plenty's unique flavors on this exciting tasting tour that includes visits to an artisan bakery, fish market, and kiwi orchard, and culminates in a special picnic experience.

Flavor of Pays D'Auge (Paris/Le Havre, France)

Discover the best of Le Havre on this immersive shore excursion that pairs sightseeing with a delicious culinary experience. Begin with a scenic drive to Trouville, a stunning seaside resort on the “Cote Fleurie” that's renowned for its charming fishing port, beautiful beach, and rich architectural heritage.

Catch of the Day: Private Cabin Cruiser, Crabbing & Seafood Feast (Ketchikan, Alaska)

Embark on a sightseeing and culinary experience with a private tour of Ketchikan’s breathtaking landscape aboard a 22-foot cabin cruiser and fresh crab meal.

Volcano Winery With Premium Wine Tasting (Hilo, Hawaii)

Enjoy a unique wine tasting experience in paradise at Volcano Winery on the Big Island, America's southernmost winery. Savor some of the most extraordinary local vintages, including their special Tea wines, paired with gourmet cheese and crackers.

Chocolate Seaside Workshop, Tasting and Wine Pairing (Cozumel, Mexico)

Venture to a beautiful seaside terrace at the famous Stingray Beach and satisfy your sweet tooth at the interactive chocolate workshop.