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Experience Celebrity Eclipse’s Multi-Million Dollar Revolution


For the first time ever, Celebrity Eclipse will be sailing from Melbourne fresh from a multi-million dollar revolution.


Summer 2020 Highlights

In Summer 2020 we are enhancing the way you experience the world with round-trip sailings to New Zealand, overnight stays in Cairns, sailings from Auckland to Fiji and a cruise made for Wine Lovers sailing to South Australia.

Celebrity Cruises are bringing you more choice than ever before with our biggest season yet.

Ignite your sense of wonder, adventure and excitement with our great range of cruise holidays sailing from Melbourne and delivering intimate experiences that truly embody the spirit of Modern Luxury.




The Revolution Has Begun

The Celebrity Revolution is not just a makeover. It is a $500 million Modernisation of our entire fleet that will leave virtually no corner of the Modern Luxury experience untouched, transforming the way you explore the World.

Find out more about the Celebrity Revolution here