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Sail Down Under On An Over-The-Top Vacation

Say “g’day” to our 2021-22 season of sailings in the Land Down Under and beyond. For the first time, Celebrity Eclipse® will sail from the iconic city of Sydney, offering a range of itineraries to the best destinations in Australia, New Zealand, and the islands of the South Pacific.

We’ll continue to visit some of Australia and New Zealand’s most sought-after destinations. Experience the stunning natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef—the largest continuous reef system in the world—on Australia cruises in 2021. Discover the majestic Milford Sound on 2021 New Zealand cruises. Explore cosmopolitan cities, from Sydney to Wellington and Auckland. So many over-the-top experiences await you in the Land Down Under, and we cover them all.

But we don’t stop there. Celebrity Eclipse® will also offer three sun-drenched sailings to the South Pacific, including Fiji. Visit some of the most beautiful, palm-lined islands in the world on a one-of-kind vacation that will leave you completely relaxed and renewed.

Food & Wine Classics

Taste local delicacies as we cruise port to port, sampling the best local produce on offer. Enhance your appreciation and enjoy exclusive experiences as Wine Makers provide unique insights into their local terroir, all served with a glass to be savored. As you go behind the scenes of Australia and New Zealand’s most-loved products, you’ll learn how cheese is matured and beer is brewed. On board, satisfy your appetite every night at restaurants with menus crafted by a Michelin-starred chef. From delectable meals at Tuscan Grill to Chef’s Table by Chef Daniel Boulud, savor incredible cuisine that takes your palate to new heights and raise a glass from the most awarded wine collection at sea.

Sun & Beach Escapes

Leave your cares behind and head for a sun-drenched beach vacation to remember. Explore Australia’s breathtaking coast, experience once-in-a-lifetime adventures on the Great Barrier Reef, and revel in a refreshed twist on the beach BBQ. Swim in warmer waters, where you will enjoy the stunning blue of Fiji and the South Pacific before retiring to Celebrity’s Lawn Club to soak up pink sunsets with an expertly crafted cocktail. From short getaways to in-depth journeys, the perfect amount of “me time” is right around the corner.

5-Star Getaways

As you enjoy your well-deserved break, discover The Retreat aboard Celebrity Eclipse to enjoy stunning accommodations, a private restaurant, and an exclusive lounge that rivals any high-end resort. Relax in complete luxury and enjoy the most awarded wine range at sea while we cater to your every whim. From aromatic steam rejuvenating experiences at The Persian Garden to expertly crafted cocktails at Celebrity’s Lawn Club to, you will enjoy every moment of your time aboard to the fullest.

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