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Asia Cruises Offer Sensory Overload. In The Best Possible Way

For our 2021-22 Asia cruises, we’ll take you out of your comfort zone more comfortably than ever aboard our newly revolutionized Celebrity Solstice®—the first Solstice® Series ship to sail this bucket list-worthy corner of the world. The already award-winning ship will now feature completely redesigned suites, The Retreat® experience for all suite guests, refreshed staterooms, and luxuriously upgraded public spaces all throughout the ship. Watch the scenery unfold from your private, spacious veranda (85% of the staterooms have them) or while you’re relaxing with cocktails at the Lawn Club, a 1⁄2 acre of real, live grass at sea. Celebrity Solstice® will be the ultimate home away from home in Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and beyond.

We’ll once again offer a variety of in-depth 14-night 2021 Asia cruises, visiting nearly 25 ports of call, spread across seven fascinating countries. That includes a brand-new Best of Southern Japan itinerary designed to give you a whole new perspective on the Land of the Rising Sun. And we’re visiting two exciting new ports of call for the first time this season—Ishigaki, Japan, and Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines.

Our 2021-22 Asia season offers experiences for every kind of explorer, from the ancient temples of Cambodia and Vietnam to the ultramodern cities of China and Japan, and from the bustling street markets of Singapore to the tranquil beaches of Thailand. Wherever your wanderlust takes you, the revolutionized Celebrity Solstice® will get you there in the comfort and style you deserve.

Top Asia Cruises in 2021

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New Cruisetour Destination of Call

Ishigaki, Japan

Ishigaki boasts some of the best beaches and reefs in Japan, so it’s no surprise that this tropical island is a vacation hot spot for people from Tokyo and throughout Japan. Don’t miss the postcard perfection of Kabira Bay, with its white sands and clear, turquoise waters. Snorkel, dive, or hop aboard a glass-bottom boat to soak up the colorful reefs just below the water’s surface. And if all that leaves you hungry, savor incredible local delicacies, from the island’s namesake Ishigaki beef to the freshest sushi imaginable.

Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines

Our new port of Salomague in the Ilocos region of the Philippines offers a perfectly preserved glimpse into the country’s Spanish colonial past. We’ll offer a collection of eye-opening excursions that bring the area’s rich history to life. Step back in time and discover the colorful colonial architecture, historic churches, and cobblestone streets that have landed Vigan on the UNESCO World Heritage list. We also recommend a tour to the mysterious sinking bell tower of Laoag City. The tallest structure in the city—for now—is said to be sinking an inch a year for reasons that aren’t fully known. If you’re looking for a beach day, Ilocos also has some of the Philippines’ best stretches of sand, with the most inviting, turquoise waters.