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Enjoy the best of paradise around the clock with unique evening Shore Excursions. Evenings Around the World are only available on Celebrity, and they're specially crafted to showcase authentic local nightlife and the distinct characteristics of each destination best experienced after sunset.

Cape Sounion at Sunset, Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Follow the picturesque Grecian coast through charming hamlets to Cape Sounion and embark on a guided exploration of the majestic Temple of Poseidon.

Evening with Fado and Folklore, Lisbon, Portugal

Spend an enchanting evening immersed in one of Portugal’s cultural hallmarks while enjoying an exceptional Fado song and folkloric dance performance in Lisbon.

Old City by Horse Carriage at Night, Cartagena, Colombia

Ride through the cobblestoned streets of Cartagena’s Old City on a horse drawn carriage, passing notable landmarks and colonial mansions awash in the warm glow of evening light.


What documents will I need to travel?

Before leaving home, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the required travel documents you will be asked to provide prior to boarding the ship. The requirements described below are required by government regulations and policies. They are...

Is there Wi-Fi onboard?

Yes, our fleet offers Xcelerate®, our enhanced high-speed Internet service. Xcelerate® allows you to browse web sites faster, stay in touch with video calling, and stream your favorite TV shows and movies. Use your own smartphone,...

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