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Cruising can be much more than simply boarding a ship and going with the flow of where it takes you. Seek out one of these epic bucket list cruise experiences and you’ll have a unique vacation that is fantastically memorable. Here are 10 experiences we think you’ll find so enticing you’ll immediately upgrade them from bucket list to #BookItList.

Can’t Miss Cruise Experience #1: Galapagos
A Galapagos cruise is an experience unto itself. Yes, the destination is the main attraction, but the vessel with which you visit the c helps make the vacation even more of a once-in-a-lifetime type of trip.

Celebrity Cruises innately understands this and designs its Galapagos ships to be small and intimate with an emphasis put on the natural environment surrounding you during your Galapagos cruise. That environment is home to giant tortoises, marine lizards, exotic birds, sea lions, and other animals that make the beautiful islands of the Galapagos home. You are likely to see all of these animals during your bucket list cruise.

Celebrity Cruises went above and beyond with Celebrity Flora, its newest ship being built that is specifically designed for the Galapagos. You can read more about Celebrity Flora here and how it was created with the Galapagos as the inspiration.

Can’t Miss Cruise Experience #2: Chef’s Market Discoveries
If you’re a foodie you can’t miss out on experiencing the Chef’s Market Discoveries shore excursions. Celebrity Cruises offers these unique shore excursions in select ports on many of its itineraries.

During the excursion, you head out into the port city you’re visiting with one of the ship’s chefs. Together, you’ll visit local markets and restaurants where the chef will explain the background on the culture’s cuisine and you’ll get to try some local delicacies and dishes.

Your excursion doesn’t end on land. Back on the ship, you’ll get a special dinner prepared for you by the Celebrity chef featuring the local ingredients you learned about during your excursion.

Can’t Miss Cruise Experience #3: Eden
Celebrity Edge is the newest blue water ship from Celebrity Cruises and it will begin sailing in November of this year. When it does, it is poised to transform the way people think of cruising. One of the ways it will do so is with the specialty dining venue on board: Eden.

Eden is like no restaurant you’ve seen. It stretches up three levels of the ship and boasts floor to ceiling windows across those three floors. Dining at Eden is an interactive experience. You move throughout the venue as you dine on a variety of courses, served to you by “Edenists.” The cuisine itself is memorably inventive and you’ll be dazzled both by the presentation of the food as well as the delicious flavor.

To learn more about Eden and what else make Celebrity Edge such an innovative, luxurious ship, click here.

Can’t Miss Cruise Experience #4: Celebrity Cruises Private Journeys
If your idea of a memorable shore excursion is VIP style and luxury all the way, then you’ll love taking advantage of Celebrity Cruises Private Journeys while in port during your bucket list cruise.

Celebrity Cruises’ exclusive Private Journeys offer a customized experience for discerning travelers. You’ll work with a Destination Insider who will help plan out your perfect day in port and arrange private transportation for you – this can include a limo, helicopter, or even private plane!

Can’t Miss Cruise Experience #5: Signature Event Sailings
For an experience others will be envious of, combine your cruise vacation with a bucket list worthy festival. Celebrity Cruises makes it easy with its Signature Event Sailings.

Each year, Celebrity Cruises arranges a small number of itineraries to be in port in a destination during a famous event. The ship will stay overnight in port so guests have more time at that event and Celebrity Cruises even helps them get tickets and arrange transportation between the ship and the event.

In 2018, the Signature Event Sailings include:

  • Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland
  • The British Open in Scotland
  • Carnaval in Brazil
  • Pingxi Lantern Festival in Thailand
  • Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  • New Orleans Jazz Fest in New Orleans
  • And a 2018 President’s Cruise to Dubai and India with Celebrity Cruises’ President and CEO.

Can’t Miss Cruise Experience #6: Alaska Cruise to Hubbard Glacier or Tracy Arm Fjord
An Alaska cruise is an epic way to see Alaska, and if you want the most iconic experience possible during that Alaska cruise, make sure your itinerary sails to one of Alaska’s most famous landmarks: Hubbard Glacier or Tracy Arm Fjord.

Hubbard Glacier is a gigantic calving glacier that glimmers in icy shades of blue and white. The calving is its main attraction as it results in huge chunks of ice – some multiple stories high – falling off spectacularly from its side and crashing into the sea.

Tracy Arm Fjord also features glacier views of the twin Sawyer Glaciers. These glaciers may not be as large as Hubbard Glacier, but Tracy Arm Fjord’s allure is in the journey it takes to get there. You sail through a deep inlet in the land along icy water that has beautiful floating pieces of ice in it and waterfalls streaming down the steep sides of land framing the fjord.

Can’t Miss Cruise Experience #7: Panama Canal Cruise
The Panama Canal is one of the wonders of the 20th century. It’s an engineering marvel that made it possible to safely navigate from the Pacific to the Atlantic without having to sail around an entire continent. The Panama Canal’s innovative design is ingenious for its intricate lock system, which empties and fills different compartments with water to lower and raise ships as they go through.

This steadfast control of the water that allows for the easy passage through the canal is a marvel to see and is best experienced from a ship. When sailing on a Celebrity Cruises Panama Canal cruise, you’ll be able to sit on the deck and get a first-hand look at how it all works.

Can’t Miss Cruise Experience #8: The Lawn Club
A lot of the attention in 2018 will be on Celebrity Edge, the first ship in the new Edge Class of ships from Celebrity Cruises, but don’t forget about the previous class to debut: the Solstice Class. This award-winning class featured an iconic cruise industry first: the Lawn Club.

The Lawn Club is a sprawling area on the top deck of the ship that is covered in real grass. You can lounge on it in the sunshine, play bocce ball, or do one of the other activities the Lawn Club offers depending on the ship. A couple of these activities include the Lawn Club Grill, which lets you grill your own steak, and the Hot Glass Show where you can watch a mesmerizing glass blowing demonstration.

Can’t Miss Cruise Experience #9: Cruising to Antarctica
Antarctica isn’t as hard to reach as you might think. Celebrity Cruises sails to the northern region of Antarctica on South America cruise itineraries.

You’ll begin your journey in South America and sail down to Antarctica through the scenic Schollart Channel during which you are likely to see an assortment of wildlife, including humpback whales and penguins. Once you’ve reached Antarctica, your ports of call will include Paradise Bay and Elephant Island. Each of these ports will give you the opportunity to learn more about Antarctica’s unique geography and the chance to see more marine life and majestic icebergs.

Along the way to Antarctica, your cruise will stop in other ports, including Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Cape Horn, Chile.

Can’t Miss Cruise Experience #10: An All-Inclusive Experience from Start to Finish
Part of the reason people love cruising is because of how easy it makes traveling: you get to experience many different places and cultures, but only have to unpack once, and the service, dining, and entertainment on board is top-notch. Celebrity Cruises is taking that ease a few steps further.

With its #BookItList platform, Celebrity Cruises is making the booking process simple and all in one place. You can book your cruise, flight, and even reserve shore excursions and onboard spa treatments all in one fell swoop. Click here to check out how simple it is.

Plus, with Celebrity Cruises your airfare is booked with Flights by Celebrity, which offers you a Lowest Price Guarantee. You can read more about this guarantee and other benefits of Flights by Celebrity here.

Continue the stress-free vacation on board by booking a suite with Celebrity. As part of the Sail Beyond Event going on right now, guests who book in a suite get four perks that make your cruise feel like an all-inclusive vacation.

The four perks you get are:

  • Premium Beverage Package
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • $150 On Board Credit
  • Free Gratuities

Not sure a suite is the right fit for you? You can still add some inclusive aspects to your cruise with the Sail Beyond Event by booking in an oceanview stateroom or higher and getting to choose two free perks (the premium beverage package perk is a classic beverage package perk for non-suite categories).

No matter what experience or level of inclusivity sounds best to you, Celebrity Cruises can help make it happen. Just head on over to our #BookItList page and get ready to start planning the bucket list cruise of your dreams.

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