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Cruising is a unique way to travel since it lets you experience both the land and sea of a destination, and it is a great way to check off some of those bucket list destinations you’ve been dreaming about. Looking for some more travel experiences to add to your ultimate cruise bucket list? Make sure these cruises are on it..

Bucket List Cruise #1: Wine-Focused Mediterranean Cruise
If you love wine, then a Celebrity Cruises Mediterranean cruise itinerary needs to go onto your #BookItList in 2018. Celebrity Cruises sails a variety of Mediterranean itineraries, but you’ll want to choose a wine-focused one – such as ports that stop in wine destinations like Tuscany, Italy; Provence, France; and Santorini, Greece. Then choose shore excursions that let you experience a taste of that world, like one of Celebrity’s World Flavors excursions..

Onboard the ship your wine experience will continue. Sign up for wine-focused Celebrity Life events and learn more about wine and food pairings, how wine differs around the world, and even mix your own wine vintage! During dinner, you can speak with one of Celebrity’s esteemed sommeliers and get any of your wine questions answered plus get expert assistance picking the perfect wine for your meal each night..

Bucket List Cruise #2: Caribbean Done Right
Many cruises sail around the Caribbean every day, but at Celebrity Cruises we put more of a focus on the destination – that means more time in port and even includes Evenings Around the World on select itineraries, which gives you time to experience the nightlife of a Caribbean cruise. Some Caribbean ports that will have overnights include Willemstad, Curacao; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Bridgetown, Barbados; and Oranjestad, Aruba.

Starting in December 2018 you can also book your Caribbean cruise on Celebrity’s newest ship, Celebrity Edge. This ship will sail Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries and will excellently showcase the destination thanks to the ship’s outward-facing design.

Bucket List Cruise #3: Alaska Cruisetour
A cruise is an epic way to experience Alaska. You’ll sail through icy passages and to glorious glaciers that are best experienced from the water. But Alaska also has a whole other world when you travel inland into the state, made up of towering mountains and sprawling wilderness. Celebrity Cruises makes it possible to experience both of these bucket list sides of America’s largest state on an Alaska cruisetour vacation..

A Celebrity Cruises Alaska cruise tour splits your vacation into two parts: one by sea and one by land. You’ll spend part of your cruise sailing the Pacific and inner channels and passages of Alaska’s glacial water, while stopping in scenic port towns. When it’s time for the land portion of your vacation, you’ll board a tour bus and head away from the coast into the wild wonderland of Alaska’s interior. You’ll spend time on the Wilderness Express for an extraordinary glass-domed train ride through the woods..

During the tour portion of your Alaska cruise tour, you’ll stay in high-end hotels and lodges. You’ll also be accompanied by a tour guide who will answer all of your questions and make sure your vacation stays luxuriously comfortable for a true ultimate bucket list cruise experience..

Bucket List Cruise #4: Mediterranean Cruise to the Greek Isles
There’s nothing more awe-inspiring in the cruising world than sailing to the crescent shaped landmass that makes up the island of Santorini. Your ship will make its way through the opening of the tips of the island and as you get closer to port, the powerful beauty of the caldera becomes clearer. Cliffside homes and buildings hug the edge of the caldera, which was left after a massive volcano erupted thousands of years ago and crumbled part of the island into the sea. That eruption is what gives Santorini its unique shape now. Once in port you can walk around all those whitewashed buildings you saw gleaming in the Greek sun while you wait for Santorini’s famous red sunset..

Santorini isn’t the only island that is popular to see on a Greek Isle cruise. Mykonos is another beloved island. It is especially known for Mykonos Town, the island’s main town, which is made up of white buildings accented by deep blue doors and window trimmings which you can admire as you wander down narrow gray cobblestoned streets.

Bucket List Cruise #5: Panama Canal
The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel that is incredible to see operate. Sure, you could fly to Panama and watch ships pass through the intricate lock system from land, but where’s the fun in that? Add to your #BookItList a Panama Canal Cruise and experience the wonder of the Panama Canal while you are sailing through it..

A Celebrity Cruises Panama Canal cruise typically leaves from Southern California and ends in Florida, or vice versa. Before and after the canal your cruise will stop in exciting and exotic cities such as Puntarenas, Costa Rica; Cartagena, Colombia; and Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala..

When you arrive at the Panama Canal you’ll get a first hand view from the deck of the ship to see how the locks work to raise the ship and lower it in the water, ensuring safe passage through the canal..

Bucket List Cruise #6: Galapagos Islands
This is a destination you can only experience by ship – and it has to be a small ship that can safely navigate through the waters surrounding the islands of the Galapagos without damaging the fragile ecosystem. Celebrity Cruises understands this and has a small-ship fleet dedicated to Galapagos cruises. In fact, a brand new ship is making her debut at the end of 2018: Celebrity Flora, which is being designed precisely with the Galapagos in mind..

Celebrity Flora is a 100-passenger ship that will join the Celebrity Xpedition and Celebrity Xploration in the spring of 2019. Whichever Celebrity Cruises ship you choose for your #BookItList Galapagos adventure, you’ll be greeted with 5-star service and educational opportunities onboard so you learn more about the animals and natural habitat of the Galapagos while sailing in luxury. During your bucket list cruise, you’ll see giant tortoises, sea lions, marine iguanas, and a variety of birds..

Bucket List Cruise #7: Celebrity Signature Sailings
Celebrity Signature Sailings are a unique type of cruise because they combine the normal cruise itinerary and experience you expect to find on a Celebrity Cruises ship with the glamour and allure of a special destination-focused event..

In 2018, you can book a Celebrity Signature Sailing and check famous festivals and events off your ultimate cruise bucket list. Celebrity Signature Sailings in 2018 include the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the British Open, Carnaval in Brazil, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the New Orleans Jazz Fest, and the Pingxi Lantern Festival in Taiwan..

Celebrity Cruises will help arrange your admittance to these events while in port. Back onboard you’ll be provided with educational opportunities and entertainment that reflect the special event the Signature Sailing is based around..

Bucket List Cruise #8: Dubai and India
See the skyscrapers of Dubai and the temples of India on a Dubai and India cruise. A cruise is an excellent way to visit this region of the world since you’ll have the convenience of visiting multiple destinations, but only need to unpack once. Plus, you’ll have the option to take part in Celebrity Cruises’ amazing shore excursions, such as visiting rice paddies and a spice plantation in Goa or a dune dinner safari in Dubai. Celebrity Cruises’ Dubai and India itineraries often include overnights in port, and they also visit other ports of call in Asia, including Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Phuket, Thailand; Muscat, Oman; and Singapore..

Are you ready to book your ultimate bucket list cruise vacation? Celebrity Cruises makes it easy to plan. Visit our #BookItlist platform to book your cruise, airfare, and shore excursions all in one convenient place.

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