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The holidays are over and if the winter months are starting to drag on for you now, Celebrity Cruises has a quick pick-me-up for you – planning a summer cruise vacation. This year, we want you to think of your summer vacation as a chance to finally check off some of the items on your bucket list that you’ve been dreaming about. Here are five ideas for where you should cruise to this summer that we put on our own #BookItList. Here’s why you should book one (or more!) of these cruises, too, and sail away this summer.

Summer Bucket List Destination #1: Caribbean
Sure, it may be as warm as the Caribbean where you live in the summer, but…can you snorkel in gorgeously clear, aquamarine open water where you live? We didn’t think so. Take advantage of the kids’ time off school or a quieter time at work and add the Caribbean to your #BookItList. Then jet off to a tropical vacation.

A Caribbean cruise gives you the opportunity to check many bucket list destinations off your list. Zipline over treetop canopies, snorkel with sea turtles, swim with stingrays, hike to waterfalls, take a mud bath in hot springs, and do many more awesome activities thanks to Celebrity Cruises’ assortment of shore excursions.

Islands you may have been lusting after can also be crossed off your bucket list: St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Aruba…the list goes on and on. Discover your perfect #BookItList Caribbean itinerary.

Summer Bucket List Destination #2: Alaska
Alaska’s cruise season only runs from May through September. While the shoulder season months of May and September provide fewer crowds, the summer months of June through August are probably going to be warmer. And warmer weather means a bit less ice in the water so your ship is more likely to be able to get closer to the glaciers that make Alaska cruising such an incredible experience.

There is one glacier in particular that stands out in Alaska and that is Hubbard Glacier. Celebrity Cruises has many itineraries that sail to Hubbard Glacier, which is not something that all cruise lines offer. Celebrity Cruises thinks it’s important to prioritize this Alaska gem since it’s something so awe-inspiring to travelers.

Hubbard Glacier is located between the port towns of Seward and Skagway and is a must-see because it is massive – it is six miles long and stretches 400 feet above water – and is a calving glacier, which means huge chunks of ice are constantly falling off the side of the glacier. You get the chance to see this icy spectacle right from the ship during your cruise.

Summer Bucket List Destination #3: Baltic Sea
If you dream of seeing some of the countries bordering the Baltic Sea in northern Europe, summer is the time to go. Just like where you may live, the Baltic is cold in winter. You may see pictures of Christmas Markets and think it looks idyllic in those frigid months, but if you want to explore the likes of Hamburg and Oslo without bundling up in four layers and a thick wool hat then summer is the time to visit the nations bordering the Baltic Sea, and a cruise is a fantastic way to do so.

Some of the port cities you’ll visit on a Baltic cruise are Oslo, Norway; Hamburg, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; and St. Petersburg, Russia. A Baltic cruise visits these ports and more, often also sailing to popular spots like Paris, France, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Besides the gorgeous ports of call, another thing that makes cruising such a popular way to visit these destinations is that the countries of northern Europe are known for being quite expensive for travelers. You’ll travel assured that you can keep your budget in check since meals and accommodations are already covered on board your ship. Plus, you get to sail from each city to the next on a modern luxury ship that has plenty of entertainment in the evenings and sumptuous bedding – and you only have to unpack once while you country hop!

Summer Bucket List Destination #4: Mediterranean Sea
The countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea might not get as cold as those on the Baltic Sea, but southern Europe can still see overcast, chilly weather during the winter months. If you want to really experience that Tuscan sun you keep hearing about, visit the Mediterranean in the summer.

On a Mediterranean summer cruise vacation, you can check multiple items off your bucket list all in one trip, such as seeing Pompeii while in port in Naples, Italy; wine tasting in France while visiting Marseille or Nice; touring the Colosseum while in Rome; walking around the white-washed towns of Santorini, Greece; visiting the historic Acropolis in Athens; and yes, even the vineyards of Tuscany while in the port for Pisa and Florence.

All those cities have many more sites that are likely on your bucket list – or will soon be on your #BookItList once you start browsing Mediterranean summer cruise itineraries!

Summer Bucket List Destination #5:
Great Britain Signature Event Sailings Celebrity Cruises has a collection of Signature Event Sailings each year. These are special cruises that coincide with a festival or other big event – and the cruise visits the destination of that event while it’s going on. What this means for travelers is a unique way to attend the event while still having a relaxing summer cruise vacation. Celebrity Cruises will help you get the required tickets and passes to access the event while in port.

This summer, there are two Signature Event Sailings you can do and they both travel to an event in Great Britain.

The first is the 12-night British Isles and British Open itinerary departing July 13. If you love golf, this is the cruise for you. The 2018 British Open is taking place at Carnoustie Championship Course near Edinburgh, Scotland. The cruise will spend two nights in Edinburgh, giving you ample time to watch some holes being played during the Open.

In addition to stopping in Edinburgh for the British Open, this Signature Event Cruise also visits Bruges, Belgium; Cork, Ireland; Waterford, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Liverpool, England; and Dover, England, before completing its round-trip journey in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The other Signature Event Sailing happening this summer in Great Britain is the 12-night British Isles Cruise itinerary departing Amsterdam August 6 that stops in Edinburgh, Scotland, during the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a fun, music-centered festival that has nothing to do with ink. In this instance, tattoo is referring to the sound a drum makes when signaling troops in the military. It is derived from a Dutch phrase meaning “turn off the taps” – a drum signal for pub owners to stop serving soldiers so they’d head back to the barracks.

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo has moved beyond drums and now showcases all types of military displays, though there is still an emphasis on drum and bagpipe performances. And you can watch it while in port during the Signature Event Cruise.

Is one of these events on your summer bucket list? If so, don’t delay on reserving your stateroom or suite on board. Signature Event Sailings do sell out!

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