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Cruising is a fun and even educational way to have a special cruise vacation the whole family will enjoy. Celebrity Cruises makes family summer vacations easy and exciting for all ages while maintaining the modern luxury vibe that discerning travelers have come to expect from Celebrity Cruises.

Onboard Cruise Experiences During Your Family Summer Vacation
A Celebrity Cruises summer vacation starts from the second you board the ship. Here are some of the top family fun amenities that kids and parents will love.

Youth and Teen Programs
Celebrity Cruises makes vacationing fun for kids with its youth and teen programs that include games, cooking classes, arts and crafts, and other onboard entertainment. It has different features and kid or teenager zones depending on the age of your child (the programs are for guests ages three to 17). Plus, during summer, select Celebrity Cruises sailings have Camp at Sea.

Kids’ Camp at Sea is an interactive experience that provides stimulating and fun events for kids during their summer cruise. Camp at Sea projects put a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as well as art, recreational, and culinary activities.

Connecting Staterooms and Suites
Most staterooms on Celebrity Cruises’ fleet of ships can fit four people since the stateroom’s couch pulls out into a bed. Edge-class and Solstice-class ships also have connecting staterooms, which make it easier for families traveling together that desire more space. For families who want the cruise to feel like a home away from home, a suite is a great option. With amenities like whirlpools and in-suite dining, staying in a suite is sure to be a hit with your kids, too.

Dining Options
Have quality dining time together and bond over trying delicious dishes each night in the Main Dining Room. Or make a reservation at one of the specialty restaurants on board. Kids will especially love the techy aspects and unique food presentations at Qsine, or the fun of cooking your own steak at the Lawn Club Grill.

Family dinnertime is great….but so is date night. Parents can leave their children in the care of responsible baby-sitters and have an evening to themselves on the ship, which is a great time to reconnect over dinner at one of the romantic restaurants on board like Murano, or enjoy a cocktail at Martini Bar & Crush.

Where to Go for Family Summer Vacation
The whole world is open for cruising, but the summer months have certain destinations that are better suited for family vacations. Here are four your family will love.

Galapagos Family Summer Cruise
Older kids and teenagers will be completely enthralled by this destination, which is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for most people. A cruise to the Galapagos Islands is like a hands-on biology course where nature is the teacher.

Kids will learn about how the geology of the Galapagos affects the islands and makes it a haven for many of the animals that call the Galapagos home. Speaking of animals, your kids are sure to delight in the chance to swim alongside sea lions and marvel at giant tortoises.

Caribbean Family Summer Cruise
A Caribbean summer family vacation is one that will have your kids talking for years to come. They’ll be ecstatic over playing in the calm, warm, turquoise seawater. Add the cruise aspect to your special Caribbean cruise vacation and they’ll be even more over the moon thanks to all the activities on board.

Europe Family Summer Cruise
Take your kids right into the ancient remains of the history they’re learning about in their Western Civilization class on a European cruise adventure. They’ll use their summer vacation to see first-hand how Aristotle and Julius Caesar shaped the world in ports like Athens, Greece, and Rome, Italy, or they will marvel at how previous civilizations managed to build iconic sites like Stonehenge if your cruise stops in Southampton, England.

With so many European cruise itineraries being offered by Celebrity Cruises each summer, it’s easy to find one with ports of call that will most pique your child’s interests.

Alaska Family Summer Cruise
To most kids, Alaska seems like a wild, wild west wonderland and one that they’ve only heard about in school. Most kids probably can’t quite grasp just how sprawling Alaska’s wilderness is. Show them Alaska’s rugged landscape and get them back in touch with nature and not screens during their summer vacation by taking them on an Alaskan cruise.

Port of Call Fun for the Whole Family During Your Summer Vacation
You’ll visit a variety of ports during your summer cruise, and there are many different options for how to spend your time in port thanks to Celebrity Cruises’ robust roster of shore excursions. Below are just some of the ways you can explore each new port together as a family.

For Multi-Generational Families
Families with a wide range of ages who want to head off on shore excursions together will enjoy options that everyone from little kids to grandparent can do. Some of these include bus tours and train or trolley tours. For multi-generational families with older kids, a Segway shore excursion is sure to get everyone smiling while you explore together.

For Adventurous Families
If you and your children like some adrenaline in your summer vacations, then choose an action-packed shore excursion like zip-lining, 4-wheeling, scuba diving, and more.

For Water-Loving Families
If your kids love any opportunity to get wet, you’ll be able to find lots of shore excursion options all around the world during your summer family vacation. From snuba diving (a cross between snorkeling and scuba) in the Caribbean to kayaking in Alaska, there are a variety of ways to get in, on, and under the water.

Educational and Fun for Families
Kids don’t always do so well sitting on tour buses (and sometimes neither do parents). Luckily, Celebrity Cruises offers walking tour shore excursions in most ports. It’s a great way to learn the history and culture of the destination and get a taste of the port town or city -- sometimes literally if it’s a foodie walking tour. Help cultivate those little taste buds!

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