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Visiting dream destinations that are bucket list worthy don’t have to leave you financially strapped. Sure, some bucket list vacations on your list may be super luxurious and might mean saving for a decade before you can afford it, but there are plenty of trips that are much easier on your pocketbook. A cruise can make visiting some destinations even more affordable.

Here are seven bucket list journeys you can travel to via cruise and why a cruise is the perfect way to visit if you’re on a budget – plus why a cruise to certain destinations can even save you more money than if you’d traveled around them only on land..

Inexpensive Vacation #1: Australia and New Zealand Cruise
Australia and New Zealand are not cheap countries to visit. From lodging to food to alcohol (especially in Australia for the latter) you’ll find everything is much more expensive than you’re used to paying. This makes these bucket list countries hard for budget travelers to visit, especially since they’re all the way around the world! Celebrity Cruises solves this problem by offering cruises around both Australia and New Zealand. Your accommodations and food are already covered by your cruise fare on board. Plus, you can arrange shore excursions to do in port in advance so you can plan out a budget and easily stick to it.

As far as that flying around the world thing goes, Celebrity Cruises also makes that easier with its Flights by Celebrity program that lets you book your flight at the same time as your cruise and has a Lowest Airfare Guarantee. Click here to learn more about the Lowest Airfare Guarantee and other perks Flights by Celebrity offer.

Inexpensive Vacation #2: Last Minute Caribbean Cruise
If you want to escape the winter blues and find some tropical bliss, but are on a tight budget, keep an eye out for last minute Caribbean cruise deals. Celebrity Cruises makes it easy to search for last minute fares with our online booking tool, and you can often find great deals if you’re searching just a couple months out or less.

There are many islands to choose from in the Caribbean, so peruse all the Caribbean ports that Celebrity Cruises sails to and pick ones that will let you check off your bucket list items, such as scuba diving in Turks and Caicos, ziplining in St. Maarten, hiking to waterfalls in Jamaica, and many more amazing experiences.

Inexpensive Vacation #3: Scandinavia Cruise
The Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe include Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, which also happen to be three countries you can easily visit via cruise. Besides gorgeous scenery and vibrant coastal port cities, these countries have one other thing in common: they are extremely expensive for travelers to visit. A European cruise that already covers accommodation, food, and entertainment, but makes ports of call in these lovely countries is an excellent way to visit them on a budget.


Inexpensive Vacation #4: British Isle Cruise
Great Britain is another region known for being expensive to travelers since the pound to dollar exchange has not historically been in favor of the dollar. Hop on a cruise and pay for your vacation to Great Britain in dollars so you don’t have to worry about any pesky exchange rates while covering your stateroom, food, and fun.

Celebrity Cruises itineraries that visit the British Isles stop in one or more of the following ports: Dover, Liverpool, and Southampton in England; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lerwick, and Inverness in Scotland; Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Holyhead, Wales.

Inexpensive Vacation #5: Greek Isles Cruise
The Greek Isles are a bucket list vacation for many people. From the gleaming white buildings of Mykonos to the caldera views of Santorini to the Mediterranean wonders of the other Greek isles, it’s a wonderful area of the world to island hop. If you’re short on time, a cruise helps you save money by sailing overnight to each new island so you don’t need to worry about booking expensive flights in order to see everything on your list, which is something you might not have time to do if you were taking day ferries from the mainland of Greece to the islands.

Celebrity Cruises sails to the Greek isle ports of Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Crete, and Rhodes. Depending on your itinerary you may visit one or more of these ports during your Mediterranean cruise. These itineraries also often visit ports of call in Italy, Croatia, and more.

Inexpensive Vacation #6: Alaska Cruise
Alaska has earned the nickname of America’s Last Frontier and visiting it can seem daunting for people since it is so far away. From figuring out flights into Alaska to navigating the wilderness and finding your way around to the various must-see cities and towns, it can be overwhelming and start to add up quickly. A cruise can make visiting Alaska stress-free and budget-friendly.

Did you know you can cruise to Alaska from Seattle, Washington, or Vancouver, British Columbia on Celebrity Cruises? For many U.S. residents, getting to one of those two cities is affordable since the cities are hubs for major airlines and cheap airline tickets can be found (which Flights by Celebrity can help with). Sail during Alaska’s shoulder season (May or September) and you can find even more great deals on your Alaska vacation. Then visit in relaxation as you sail through icy passages and visit cute port towns with Celebrity Cruises helping to make it a stress-free and fun vacation.

Inexpensive Vacation #7: Antarctica Cruise
You’ve probably heard that Antarctica cruises are a fortune and therefore something you may never tick off your bucket list. Well, guess what? You don’t need to spend a year’s salary to see the southern continent. Celebrity Cruises’ Antarctica cruises sail from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and visit northern Antarctica, including Paradise Bay, Elephant Island, and the Schollart Channel. While it may not exactly be what most people would call a “budget cruise,” it is a more affordable way to visit Antarctica compared to other Antarctica vacations while still traveling in comfort with luxurious amenities.

You’re likely to see whales and penguins during your Antarctica cruise and will sail through beautiful channels filled with impressive icebergs and frozen views. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list journey that you don’t want to miss.

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