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The New Year is under way and if you’re like us, you’re already thinking of all the places you want to travel to in 2018. If you’re hoping 2018 is going to be a year full of exciting travels, but are feeling overwhelmed by all the possible destinations you can explore, don’t worry – we’re here to help you narrow down your travel list. Here are eight must-visit places you can travel to by cruise with reasons why you’ll want to visit them in 2018.

You likely saw in the news last year that the Caribbean got hit hard by Hurricane Irma. However, you may not have seen reports that most of the islands are already recovered and open to visitors – and want visitors! Many islands in the Caribbean depend on tourism so you can support this gorgeous part of the world by cruising there in 2018. Some top must-visit Caribbean locations are St. Lucia and its lush green pitons, Jamaica with an excursion to Dunn’s River Falls, Turks and Caicos for exotic snorkeling and scuba diving, and St. Thomas for excellent duty free shopping. Lucky for you, Celebrity Cruises sails to all those Caribbean cruise destinations and offers exciting shore excursions in each port.

You can also visit the Caribbean at the end of 2018 on Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship: Celebrity Edge. To read more about what will make Celebrity Edge a special and innovative addition to the cruise industry that you won’t want to miss out on experiencing, click here.

We love Italy (who doesn’t?), but if you’re looking for some place that isn’t already visited by just about everyone, head across the Adriatic to Croatia. A fairly new country since it just gained independence in 1991, Croatia still has some old world charm to be found in its coastal cities. Book a European cruise itinerary that visits Dubrovnik or Split along Croatia’s beloved Dalmatia coast and get ready for some amazing seafood, lovely views, and historic architecture.

Norwegian Fjords
You’ve likely heard of Oslo, Norway, and perhaps Lillehammer, but have you heard of the Norwegian Fjords? This majestic part of northern Norway is home to winding water passages framed by towering mountains. Fjords occur after a valley created by receding glaciers fills with seawater, and are often characterized by a deep inlet that leads to the sea. During a Norwegian Fjord cruise, you’ll sail along some of these Fjord passageways and also visit small, charming port towns in Norway such as Flam and Geiranger.

The Mediterranean island of Malta and its capital city of Valletta was named 2018 European Capital of Culture, meaning 2018 is a great year to visit. As the Capital of Culture, Valletta will have numerous events and festivals going on throughout the year. Celebrity Cruises has several Mediterranean itineraries that stop in Malta. Seek out one of the Capital of Culture events if any are happening while you’re in port there, or opt for a shore excursion that will take you around the island.

Ireland continues to grow in popularity for travelers who flock there to see the country’s sprawling green countryside, friendly cities, and an engaging culture full of live music, unique tap dancing, and iconic beer (Guinness!). You can now cruise to Ireland with Celebrity Cruises, making it even easier to visit this country in 2018. Celebrity Cruises makes Irish ports of call in Dublin, Cork, and Waterford.

United Arab Emirates
Sail to Asia’s beautiful desert landscape when you visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with Celebrity Cruises. Depending on your itinerary you’ll get ample time in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or even both. Celebrity Cruises offers overnights in both cities and you may even get multiple overnight stays depending on the itinerary you choose. This extra time allows you to experience the stark beauty of these cosmopolitan destinations in daylight as well as see what they’re like after the sun goes down and experience the UAE’s nightlife.

New Zealand
The secret is out: New Zealand is an amazing place to visit. Vineyards, glaciers, fjords, and even Hobbiton. It has just about every scenery landscape you can imagine. But…a New Zealand cruise is still on most people’s bucket list. Beat them to this magnificent country in the middle of the Pacific by going in 2018. If navigating the backcountry roads of New Zealand sounds overwhelming, you’re in luck – cruise around this South Pacific country and you’ll be sleeping in luxury as you sail to different destinations all around the North and South Island of New Zealand.

New Orleans
You don’t have to travel internationally to have a must-do travel experience in 2018. New Orleans, Louisiana is celebrating its 300th birthday in 2018, making it a prime time to visit this special U.S. city. Get a taste of southern living both literally and figuratively as you try some Cajun cuisine and walk down vibrant Bourbon Street. In 2018, Celebrity Cruises will be sailing to New Orleans for its Jazz Fest at the end of April. Celebrity Cruises even makes it simple for you to visit New Orleans' most famous party, Mardi Gras, with its Mardi Gras Signature Event Sailing.

Cruising to Your 2018 Must-Visit Places is Easy
Being able to cruise to these destinations is a huge perk since it allows you to easily see multiple destinations while only having to unpack once. You’ll also get access to 5-star cuisine, upscale entertainment, and more fun on board. It’s a relaxing, easy vacation from start to finish, even during the booking process. Celebrity Cruises wants to turn your bucket list into a #BookItList so has streamlined the booking process so you can book your cruise, flights, and even excursions all in one place. Don’t wait to visit the must-see places on your travel bucket list – see them in 2018!

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