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Do you have a passion for food, wine, and spirits? We have a menu of activities you're sure to love. Experience just how robust life at sea can be. Below is a sample of some of the sumptuous CelebrityLifeSM food, wine and spirits activities we've got on tap.

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Blendtique Custom Crafted Wines- Starting from $35

Celebrity Cruises brings you yet another cruise line exclusive with our brand new Blendtique Winemaking Experience. Who knows what you like better than you? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to blend your own wine. Using four single varietal wines, and guided by our expertly-trained Celebrity Cruises sommeliers, craft the perfect wine that represents your unique style and tastes, name it, and even purchase it for consumption! Our fleet has been outfitted with mobile wineries on board, ready to blend and bottle your new creation. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind chance to learn what it is about wine that excites you and to build a wine that’s as unique as you.

Riedel® Comparative Wine Crystal Workshop-Starting from $87

Discover the difference the shape and quality a Riedel glass makes to the bouquet, taste, and enjoyment of wine.

Food and wine pairing workshop - Starting from $25

This workshop illustrates how food and wine pairing can create a sensational taste experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. Learn about the fundamentals of food and wine chemistry and the way food and wine interact as you sample contrasting pairings. Different events are offered on different itineraries, please check with your onboard team upon embarkation.

World Wine Tour - Starting from $20

Visit distant vineyards using just your palate and a glass as you sample different wines from countries around the globe. Different events are offered on different itineraries, please check with your onboard team upon embarkation.

Mixology 101

Experience the evolution of chef-inspired bartending. Starting from $35

Martini Flight - Starting from $26

Sample miniature martinis crafted by our flair bartenders at Martini Bar.

Macallan Tasting - Starting from $25

Sample a selection of Macallan Scotch Whiskies

Novo Fogo Cachaça Tasting - Starting from $25

Learn how to create the popular Brazilian classic, a Caipirinha.

Jack Daniel's Tasting - Starting from $25

Meet Jack Daniel and hear about his famous whisky distillery, founded in 1864. You'll learn how Jack uses corn, rye, barley, fire, and patience to turn Tennessee spring water into fine amber whiskies, and you'll taste some of his best work.

A Taste of Film

We've taken our culinary expertise through the roof—literally. At our new Rooftop Terrace, experience A Taste of Film. It's an exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors, satisfy your love of movies, and dazzle your taste buds all at once. Delicious bites and drinks—inspired by the featured film—are served during the movie to elevate the experience. Chic, cozy furniture and a large movie screen create the perfect setting for cinematic night under the stars.

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